Friday’s Freebies Returns!

A couple of small deals this week:

First, get a coupon for Free Flat Earth Chips .

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Carville Vs Matalin

I love watching these two, even if they are more eye-candy than true substance.  (I do not mean eye-candy literally, I simply mean that they are now pundits more than true advisors.  They are fun to watch, but not really that involved in the “game.”)

They appeared recently in Orlando, and a blog there posted a transcript of some of their best comments.  Read on for some great lines!

Carville and Matlin talk politics at Builders Show

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Carville_matalin Fresh from Tuesday’s night “Potomac Primary” bi-partisan couple James Carville and Mary Matlin took shots at each other and talked politics in front of thousands of attendees at the International Builders Show. Both Carville and Matlin did try to reassure the crowd of the importance of the homebuilding industry.

Here are some of the best lines:

Matlin: “Politics is showbiz for ugly people.”

Matlin on Fred Thompson, whom she was advising.

“Fred Thompson’s  strategy was that the message will prevail, which assumes that you have a message delivery system. I really resented it when my husband came home and said my candidate was the only one who ever tested positive for Ambien.

Matlin, introducing her husband:

“He is probably Is going to say the Democrats can’t lose again. Of all the things I really do love about him is that he really is a great spinner.”

Carville, in his opening remarks to the homebuilders:

“Welcome all you Democrats, both of you.”

Carville, on supporters of President George W. Bush and the military:

“Those Bush people are fascinated with all their generals and we Clinton people are fascinated with all our privates.”

Carville, on the presidential election:

“What we are seeing is way beyond historical or transformational. The human mind cannot get around what is happening in politics.”

Carville on the three kinds of Republicans:

There are basically 3 republican parties: the GGG party — which is God, gays and guns. More god, more guns, less gays.

There there is the homebuilders people, who say don’t raise my taxes or regulate me, let me earn my living.

(the crowd cheers)

Carville: How’s that going?


Then you got the kind of McCain national defense Republican.”

Carville, on who could have been the Republican frontrunner.

“If Jeb Bush’s name was Jeb Smith you wouldn’t have any of of this. It would be over.”

On the chances of Hillary Clinton, the candidate he is advising:

“She’s behind. Make no mistake. If she lose either Texas or Ohio, this thing is done.”

Carville, offering good news for both Republicans and Democrats:

“For both you Democrats out there, I got good news for you. We have to literally talk our way out of wining this election.

For the Republicans, being a lifelong member of the Democratic party, I can assure you we are perfectly capable of doing that.”

Campaigns and Viral Video

Viral Video strikes again. Some funny, some serious, some somewhere in between.

This one’s from William of Black Eyed Peas–an interesting way around giving limits…

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The Obama Girl

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

The Obama Girl faces off Guiliani Girls

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The Ann Coulter Song….LOVE IT!

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Interesting Night Last Night

It was an interesting night last night, wasn’t it?

If you live in the land of tornados, (which was 1/3 of the country last night) it was interesting in more ways than one.  Myself, I could skip the drama at 1 am and be just fine.  Course, getting up for the storm meant I was up to see the California results….

So it appears that Romney is dead in the water.  Good.  Didn’t like the Ken-doll.  Seems that it will be McCain, with a side of Huckabee.  I like both of them, as much as I can like Republicans.  Both seem to be straight-shooters.  What you see is what you get.  Refreshing to have GOP candidates who aren’t talking out of both sides of their mouth!

On the Democrat side, the votes were tallied and Hillary and Obama both had great nights.  Hillary took home more states and more votes, but they’re still tallying the delegate counts.  And its the delegate count that matters.  For those of you who’ve never played their hand at presidential politics, the Democrat primaries aren’t winner takes all–Hillary may have won California, but she won’t get all of California’s delegates.  Delegates are allotted based on precints.  If precinct 12 has 5 delegates, and Obama wins precinct 12, he gets those 5 delegates.  But if precinct 27 has 30 delegates, and Hillary wins precinct 27, she gets 30 delegates.  So winning a state is not the same as winning the nomination.  And don’t forget the SuperDelegates, who can vote any which way they want to.

Confusing?  Oh, yes.

Looks like this race will be going for a few more weeks at least.  Hillary is still leading Obama, but not by much.  And neither McCain nor Hillary are anywhere near the number of delegates they need for the nomination.  Looks like a very interesting nomination process.  Yes indeed.  We may actually have conventions that MEAN something this year!

Today’s the Day!

First, let me apologize for the lack of posts last week.  Little Miss Know it All was in Guatemala, on a mission trip.  I took 9 days to tour the country and help plan what a local Mission Partnership can do to help the region hit hard by Hurricane Mitch a few years back.  I’ll post photos and stories in a few days.

So, Today’s Super Tuesday!  What do you think will happen?  We can easily see that McCain is running away with the race on the GOP side.  But what about Obama and Hillary?  As of this morning she has 60 more delegates than Obama.  Will today create a clear winner?  Or will they split the votes and even out the delegates in the balance?  I hope its the latter–I’d like to see the later states like KY, OH, IN and others have a large say in this election.  In past years we’ve been the nuts on the sundae–the extra, the filler.  I think its time to get some attention from the candidates…

I’ll be up tonight posting election results as they filter in.

Thompson drops out

It was only a matter of time.  I mean, the guy looked like he couldn’t care less most of the time.  Every time I saw him speak, he looked either bored or annoyed, not a good look for a guy running in a hotly contested primary all about Hope and Change.

For more on the story, head over to the Washington Post and read  Thompson Ends Race.

A Little Humor to Lighten Your Day

I saw this on someone’s car the other day and just had to laugh out loud!

I only wish this one wasn’t true…but this is straight from a White House transcript of a speech Bush made this week:

“There is no doubt in my mind when history was written, the final page will say: Victory was achieved by the United States of America for the good of the world; that by doing the hard work now, we can look back and say, the United States of America is more secure, and generations of Americans will be able to live in peace.”


Yes, because when history WAS written, the final page WILL be all about America and this war.  Sure.   The Daily Show had a great piece on this the other night, and I wish I could find video of it for you!


And then one more, a link back to the Political Panties post of last year.  Always good for a laugh!

Twins Separated at Birth, become Husband and Wife

No, we at Truth in Politics have not been reading the Weekly World News, or even the Sun.  We’ve been reading the London Telegraph, in their political reporting on bills making their way through the British Parliament.

Apparently, a set of twins were born and separated for adoption.  Neither knew they were a twin.  When they met and felt an “inevitable attraction” they fell in love and were married.

Excuse me for a sec….EEWWWWW!!!

Okay, now that’s out of the way, head over and read the whole story.

The London Telegraph–Marriage of Adopted Twins Fuels Fertility Row

Change…The Siren Call of Iowa

Change, Change, Change seems to be the overwhelming call of Iowans.

Whether its Mike Huckabee or Barack Obama, voters overwhelmingly said they wanted change in Washington.

Huckabee won over Mitt Romney by a large margin, despite Romney’s “frontrunner” status and his spending $15 to every $1 Huckabee spent. Romney swarmed Iowa with tv ads, mailers, phone calls–he had quite the political machine. Yet he came in a distant second to Huckabee. The media plays up Huckabee’s Evangelical base–and they were important–but by no means were they the only reason for his win. Voter after voter, they all said, they wanted Change.

That and more was expressed on the Democrat side. Obama ran away with the vote, with 37% of the vote. The stunner–Hillary came in third. Edwards narrowly, but decisively, beat Hillary for second place. Andrea Mitchell, reporting from Hillary’s Iowa headquarters, said the party room resembled a “dirge” and that any enthusiasm was manufactured by a crowd made up almost wholly of union members. Mitchell said the room was empty until the cameras were about to turn on, then a crowd of mournful union members would file in and fill the room. But what a difference there was at Obama and Edwards headquarters–their rooms were filled with supporters, cheering and celebrating.

Even more interesting–in Iowa you can choose which party to vote with when you arrive at the caucuses. You have to be a registered voter, but you choose your party when you arrive. Democrats outnumbered Republicans 2 to 1 last night in this typically red state. There were nearly twice as many democrat voters as there were in 2004–and a large percentage of those new Democrats were the oh-so-important Independent voters and young voters. If that’s the case in a red state like Iowa, that does not bode well for the Republican party in November.

Even more–this was not about Iraq. This was a sense that people had had enough of politics as usual. Hillary and Romney were seen as the old guard–their messages of change just didn’t ring true. Obama, Edwards, Huckabee–their voters overwhelmingly said Change was the reason they chose them.

New Hampshire is five days away–I can’t wait to see what happens there!

The Suspense…the Drama…IOWA!!

The tension is building.  The nation waits with bated breath.  Everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats.  All to say….

Whew!  Is it over yet?!?

There is a lot of interest in what Iowa will do tomorrow.  Iowa, the small state in the United States where every resident knows most of these candidates personally.   Because each candidate has taken resident in their home.

This morning a news show demonstrated what Iowans have had to live with this year.  8 political ads every 30 minutes on tv.  9 mailers a day for candidates.  More phone calls from campaigns than family and friends.  To put it bluntly, Iowa is ready for it all to be over!

And so is the rest of the nation.  We all want to know–you, who know them best–what did you think?

And then lets get the longest Presidential race in history over with already!

Sheesh, I’m a political junkie and even I’m ready to have a nominee…

So tomorrow, tomorrow it all begins!