It will all be over Wednesday morning

Not that anyone really doubted the outcome…

MSNBC is reporting that 34 House members will endorse Obama overnight Tuesday.  Along with the delegates he is expected to get in tomorrow’s primaries, he will reach the magic number of 2118.  Clinton has told her advance team they will not be needed after tomorrow night, and Obama is preparing to declare victory Wednesday morning.

Week 4: Stockpiling 101–I have $10, what do I buy?

Its been a slow couple of weeks for couponing and stockpiling.  I’ve had some travel plans and just haven’t felt motivated to get to the stores by the lackluster sales the past few weeks.  This week, things are looking up!  There are a lot of freebies over at Meijer…mostly free after printable coupons!

Three items are free after printables found at,, and  These are all a part of the buy 10 for $10 and get the 11th free.  I’d also get milk there, while its $2.50 a gallon.

Chex mix $1 minus $1 coupon=free x 4 bags

Totinos pizza rolls $1 minus .50 off coupon (doubled to $1) = free x 2 boxes

Rice a Roni Nature’s Way $1 minus .50 off coupon (doubled to $1)=free x 2 boxes

Aquafresh toothpaste minus .75 off coupon, doubled to $1=free x 2 boxes

That’s 10 items–pick another 10 for $10 item for free (its the 11th item free)

Some other freebies/cheapies this week:

Dole Mandarin Oranges, canned, 10/$10, – .55 off 2 from paper = .45 each. 

Green Giant boxed veggies minus . .60 off 2, doubled to $1/2= .50 each x 2=$1

Milk gallon 2/$5=$5

That leaves $4–I’d spend that on extra papers from this past weekend.  They are .99 at Kroger or UDF (check your local store.)  You will appreciate those extra P&G q’s throughout the next month!

Remember that Meijer will only double 2 like coupons per order, so if you have more than 2 coupons for Aquafresh or Pizza Rolls, make sure to break it into a second order.  Also, if you arrive and they’re out of something, get a raincheck!  They were out of the pizza rolls last night at my Meijer, but I now have a raincheck and my q’s to use another week when things aren’t so nuts!

I also hear there’s a Catalina deal at Meijer–when you buy 3 cans you will get a printout coupon for .75 off your next order! 

Obama–The Hillary Problem

Ky voted this week in a Presidential Primary–the first time in decades that our votes actually mattered.  Even then, the punditry has declared the race over, so it didn’t matter as much as we would have liked.  However, it was great that we could at least pretend to have a say in the race.

And Hillary won KY.  Which poses a very interesting question for Obama and his camp.  Why, after its been declared statistically impossible, most improbable, for Hillary to win, does she continue to do so well?   This is no Huckabee or Paul hanging on to the very end.  She is still drawing hundred of thousands, even millions, of voters!

Why is this so?  If Obama is drawing tens of thousands of people to his rallies, why is he not winning by blowout margins?  Kentucky and West Virginia are not the only states where it was close or where Hillary won.  Its happening in diverse states, long after her campaign was declared DOA.  Voters in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania knew that it was a long-shot for her to win.  Why then did so many vote for her?

We all know people like to be on the side of a winner.  That’s where the adage “jumping on the bandwagon” applies in politics.  We all know that to win, you need to project the image of a winner.  And Obama has that image.  Hillary does not.  So with that in mind, why does she continue to win?

This is a big issue for Obama.  If he doesn’t “get it” and see why she remains attractive to millions of voters, he will really struggle in November.  I don’t think the big worry is blue-collar Democrats switching sides and voting for McCain.  I think the bigger worry is this–they just might stay home on election day.  And knowing the GOP Get Out the Vote machine, that’s a scary thought!

Republicans don’t like Moms?!?


What exactly are the republicans up to?  This week, in a typical fashion, the House voted to approve of moms.  Nothing unusual, just a little political posturing right before Mothers’ Day.  However, as the Washington Post reports, Republicans joined in mass to vote against the resolution!  Huh?  Have they forgotten their base is awful fond of baseball, apple pie, and MOMS?  Oh wait, seems it was a chance to nip at the Democrats procedurally.  But I’ll bet this playard tactic will come back to bite them, in some way….

 Read more:

Republicans Vote Against Moms; No Word Yet on Puppies, Kittens

Stockpiling Week 3: I only have $10, what do I buy?

When it comes to grocery deals, its a VERY slow week.  I see that Kroger has the buy one get one Eggo deal running until May 26th.  So if you haven’t already stocked up, order those .55 off 1 Eggo coupons NOW and stock up!!!

I also hear that there is a decent diaper deal at Target.  Target has a $3 coupon off Pampers and wipes, and there are many Pampers coupons floating around.  I believe it makes diapers $6 each.  Not something I’d label a “stock up” price, but if you have babies, I’d definitely get more than one or two.  If you need Target coupons, you can get them at  I’m watching Target closely to see if they run a gift card deal soon on diapers.  Typically when they put out a Pampers and wipes coupon, a gift card deal pops up before the coupon expires.  Gift Card deals brings the price way down, so I’ll be watching and let you know if I find any.

I also want to apologize to anyone who tried to go buy the Automatic Shower Cleaner for free and couldn’t.  It wasn’t as good of a deal as I’d read–it seems the $5 instant rebate was actually a manufacturer coupon, meaning that you weren’t able to use your $10 coupon as well.  Its one of the few deals I’ve posted without actually trying it myself, and it wasn’t what it was advertised.  I apologize!

Now, down to this week’s best deals.  The best one I’ve found is at Walgreens.  Walgreens has been expanding their rebate program, to include rebates that print after you purchase certain orders.  No mailing in–you get a printed coupon that takes that amount off your next order.  They are called Register Rewards.  (RR for short.)  This week’s RR deal involves Proctor and Gamble, everyone’s favorite brands!  There’s Cascade, Febreeze, Crest, CoverGirl, Oil of Olay and much more!  You need to see the ad for all the details, but here’s the lowdown–Crest ProHealth is free.  Covergirl is Buy One get One half off.  There are three deals here.  I’d go to ebay and spend  a few extra dollars on some coupons! Pick one of the first two and work with the third one for free!  All of these deals are what we’d call “Money Makers!”

Deal 1:  Crest Pro Health–total after coupons (AC) $4.50

Buy 9 Crest Pro Health toothpastes 2/$5

Use 9 .50 off 1 Crest from Sunday’s P&G

Use 1 Walgreens $3/2 Crest Pro Health coupons.  (One coupon will ring for all 9–and adjust for the odd number.)

Receive $20 in RR back!


Deal 2:  Cover Girl–total AC is $6.xx

Buy 5 $2.99 products (eyeliner, makeup pads, etc)

Buy 1 $5.99 blush

Use 1 free blush when you buy 3 CG products

Use 2 2.50 off 2 CG products

Use 1 $1 off any CG product

Receive $20 in RR back!


Deal 3:  Venus or Fusion Razor–free AC!

Buy one Venus or Fusion Razor

Add in $4 “filler” (this are items you want to purchase outside the deal.  Milk, eggs, etc.)

Use $4 off Venus (or $4 off Fusion if you have one)

Use $10 RR from P&G deal

Receive $6 RR back!


I don’t need that much CoverGirl, you say?  Sure you do!  Do you have daughters?  They have glittery nail polish for $3.99 (50% off second bottle) and we all know how little girls love to sparkle!  Stock up on makeup staples–eyeliner, mascara, makeup pads, pencil sharpeners and more.  Everything is of varying prices, but its a great deal.  And you get free blush!

A few caveats–RR expire quickly, so pay attention to the end date that prints on your receipts.  They also do not “roll.”  Meaning, you cannot use a $10 RR from the P&G deal to pay for the CoverGirl deal.  However, you can use the P&G RR on the Venus/Fusion deal, and vice versa.  Last thing, I have discovered that you can also use your RR for gift cards!  RR will not give you money back, so make sure your total is over the amount of RR you want to use.  Gift Cards are a great way to extend the life of your RR.  Keep track of the RR deals each week, and you should be able to keep accumulating them week after week!  One of the best things about Walgreens and CVS instant rebate systems is that you should never pay full price (or anything close to it) for shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant or razors again!  In fact, it should be free from now on!

This week’s deals add up to about $11, before the purchase of coupons.  Hope that helps everyone!

Problems with coupons at Meijer

I’ve had some trouble recently at Meijer, and as I talk to my fellow couponers, I’m finding out I’m not alone.  In a nutshell, what’s happening is that they do not have a consistent coupon policy.  For all appearances, it looks like they do.  Its clearly printed on the front of their weekly circulars.  However, getting them to follow it is something else entirely.

Their circulars state that they will double up to two like coupons, and any further like coupons will be redeemed at face value.  There is no mention of limits or limiting to reasonable family quantities as other stores do.  Simply “all other like coupons will be redeemed at face value.”  Like coupons mean the same coupon used more than once.

Now, what will happen if you go in and buy 10 of one item and plan on using 10 coupons?  Who knows?!?  Its a different reaction every time.  Some people have cashiers who happily allow it.  Others report being tsk-tsked at about using a coupon for every item.  Still many more report inconsistent practices–denying over 2, over 6, over 8.  Depends on the manager’s mood.

This happened to me this week–twice.  The first time I was told 2 coupons.  When I pressed someone else said 6.  When I refused to take that answer (since their written policy had no limit) the store manager told me its whatever he feels like.  Sometimes 10, sometimes 12, or even 20.  But its up to his mood.

This week Meijer has added coupons to their website.  Many are reporting that they aren’t scanning properly at the stores.  While most cashiers are pushing them through, shoppers are getting an earful about misuse of coupons.  I had a cashier follow me through the self-checkout spouting off about the evils of the internet and coupons.

Meijer has some great deals.  But their inconsistencies are driving us coupon shoppers nuts!  There is a HUGE difference between being able to use 2 coupons and being able to use 10.  They do not care if we purchase 10 boxes of pasta–but don’t try to use 10 coupons on them.  (These were manufacturer coupons that the store would be fully reimbursed on–and a buy 10 deal–they encourage you to buy in quantity!)  I don’t mind working within limits–no honest couponer does.  However, limits need to be clear and enforced so that we can know what we’re working with.  This presents customer frustration and gives the cashier some support to fall back on.

Meijer, you need to develop some sort of corporate policy on this.  In this tight economy, you need every shopper you can get!

Stockpiling Week 2: I have $10, what do I buy?

Relatively speaking, this has been a quiet week for super stockpiling deals. The General Mills deal has moved to Kmart–however, they do not double coupons, so its not as good as last week’s deal of 4 boxes for $1. The best you can do is 4 boxes for $4. Its a good investment, but not a heavy stockpiling deal.

However, there are some good deals floating out there. Here are my picks this week:

20 boxes of Eggo Waffles–Kroger–$5

6 boxes of Pasta–Meijer–free

1 Free Automatic Shower Cleaner

4 whole chickens–Hebron Kroger–$4.50

That’s $9.50. I spent the extra .50 on Meijer Frozen French Fries!

Eggos–These are buy one get one free at Kroger until next Sunday. Go online and find 20 coupons for .55 off one Eggo product. The coupon doubles to $1. I was able to get 10 boxes and use 10 coupons at my Kroger. 20 boxes=$5.10

Meijer Pasta. Go to and click on the Specials tab. Now click on the coupons tab. There are several good coupons available–Meijer frozen potatoes makes a bag only .69. Meijer frozen vegetables makes bags only .50. But the best is the Meijer pasta coupon–.50 off a box, which is priced this week only at .50 a box! That makes the Pasta free!

Kroger Whole Chickens–The new Hebron Kroger has whole chickens on sale for only .29 a pound! Roasted chicken is one of my standby’s–I make it all the time. In three years of following chicken prices, I have never seen it below .59 a pound. I went today and stocked up on 6 chickens. With your $4.5o left, you can get 4 whole chickens! In our family, those are two meals each–so that’s 8 dinners for under $5!

Free Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner–thanks to for the info! This week at Dollar General they have the Automatic Shower Cleaner on sale for $15 with a $5 instant rebate. Add in the $10 coupon in the paper a few weeks back, and its free!

Now I know a lot of you are new to stockpiling and are wondering exactly what I’m going to be doing with 20 boxes of Eggos. Well, this is a big part of stockpiling. They are normally $2.59 each. I paid $2.55 for 10 boxes! Between last month’s poptart and cereal deals, and this week’s Eggo deals, I won’t be buying breakfast foods for the kids for about a year! Other than things like eggs, sausage and occasionally a muffin mix, there’s not much else for me to buy. That’s one whole meal taken out of my monthly grocery budget, for a year. I spent less than $30 on 25 boxes of Kroger poptarts, 42 boxes of General Mills cereals (cheerios, mainly) and 20 boxes of Eggo’s. That’s a 90% savings. If I’d paid regular price, the entire lot would total well over $300. That’s the kind of savings that stockpiling during big deals can bring!

One last deal to consider:  If you live near the Hebron Kroger, transfer a prescription there!  Right now they are offering a deal for $20 for the first transferred prescription, $30 for the second and $60 for the third!  That’s right, $120 for three transferred prescriptions!  The money goes onto your Kroger Plus card to be used at your discretion in the future.  It works just like a gift card.  You have to ask for the deal at the pharmacy–but they give it out willingly!  Nothing like a little kickback for the high cost of medicine these days!

Have a Great Weekend!!

Get $25 now, free!

Yes, there really is such a thing as free money!

When I was in my early 20’s I worked at the Better Business Bureau. Day after day I received phone calls about scams that promised something for nothing. So I tend to be VERY wary about these things. But someone I trust told me about Revolution Money Exchange and their new program!

First, RME is a new company set up to rival Paypal. Since most people who have used Paypal have horror stories, I was very curious to check out the new competition. Then someone told me Steve Case, the former head of AOL, founded it. Hmm, that makes me feel safer….then they say, get $25 for signing up. I wasn’t ready to jump on, but it was worth a look.

Turned out to be true! I signed up and got my $25 within 5 minutes. Referred my dh, who signed up, and I got another $10 for that referral! In under 30 minutes, I had $35!

The deal runs until May 15th–so run over and sign up! You can use your new cash to buy something, or you can simply transfer it to your bank account. When you sign up via the links/ads on my page, $10 will be deposited into my missions account. Every dime raised via this blog goes into an account to help me pay for missions to Guatemala!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I only have $10….

What do I get? I hear this all the time! This week, I want to share two things. First, what to get if you only have $10 a week to spend on stockpiling. Second, a few photos of my own stockpile!

This week, if I only had $10 to spend, I would spend it on the cereal deal at Kroger. If you use the coupons in my previous blog, you can get 20 boxes of cereal for $10. You just can’t beat 20 boxes of General Mills cereals (Cheerios and more!) for $10!

Now…for photos of my own stockpile. This is about 1/3 of it. I also have a standing freezer in the garage, along with a stockpile of juice, ragu sauces, sodas, diapers and more wipes.  Remember that its taken me 8 months to gather this much (all while I continue to use it, so some piles are already gone!), and I did it only a little at a time.  I started at $20 a month–now I’m to about $30-$40 a month.  That’s all you really need!