P&G Prices Rising

Today P&G announced that they will rise prices on their products 16% in September.  16%!!!!  That’s after raising their prices 6% already in 2008!  That means that in September, a bottle of Tide will cost 22% more than it did in January!

If you are not stockpiling, now is the time to start!  Look at it as a financial investment–where else will you get a 16% return on your investment?  And if you take advantage of sales and coupons that are readily available, your savings will be even higher!

Oh, I know we stockpilers sound like a bunch of crazy Y2K’ers.  I personally started stockpiling because it made more sense to pay .50 each for 40 boxes of cereal than to take advantage of the sale once, buying 2 boxes, and then returning to paying $3.50 a box.  But now, as prices rise, I’m seeing a huge return on my investment.  My series ‘I have $10, What do I buy?’ is geared towards that type of investment.  For $10 a week you too can have a huge return!  Just this week alone, for your $10 investment you get  $52.50 worth of food.  And its a slow week!  Now, let’s multiply that out over a year…for $10 a week, over one year, you will get an average of $2500 worth of food!

Okay, so one company is raising their prices.  Big deal.  How much will that affect me?  Here’s a sample list of P&G products:

Head and Shoulders


Oil of Olay









Oral B

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head.  Here’s a link to a full list of P&G products.  If you consider that on a bottle of shampoo alone, you will see a price hike of .62 a bottle, that’s a huge increase!  Tide will go up on average of .96.  Downy? .90.  As you can see, it will add up very quickly!

I know a lot of you are worried about storage space.  Clean out under your beds and store there.  Find room in your basements, in your laundry rooms, under sinks and other places.  In the long run, you will appreciate it!

Free Starbucks coffee today!

ETA:  I need to update everyone using the Starbucks coupon.  I originally saw the deal on WCPO’s morning newscast, and the link below is from their website.  They apparently validated the coupon with several local Starbucks stores.

It  seems the coupon is not being accepted at some local Starbucks, mainly in Northern KY.  If you plan on using the coupon again on the 23rd, I would call ahead to your local store and make sure they are accepting the coupon before you go.  I apologize if anyone has had any hassles or issues with the coupon being accepted!

Follow this link to a coupon for Free Starbucks coffee today!  This coupon repeats every Wednesday until July 23rd!

Good for one tall Iced Brewed Coffee!!  Enjoy!

Couponing 101–I only have $10, What do I Buy?

At first glance, it looks like a slow week.  But as I go through the deals, its a pretty good week, especially at Meijer, Kroger and Target!  But make some choices….because if you only have $10, you won’t be able to get it all!

Okay, here are my picks if you only have $10:


General Mills cereals are on sale for $1.88.  With various q’s that double to $1, each box should be about .88!  Find coupons on coupons.com, smartsource.com, bettycrocker.com, pillsbury.com, eatbetteramerica.com and in recent papers.  This is a stock up price!


Free pasta this week!  Meijer pasta is .50 each with a .50 off 1 printable on Mealbox.meijer.com!  (Look under specials)  Many stores limit you to 6 per transaction

Free chips!  meijer brand chips are 10/10, with a $1 off Salty Snacks coupon on Mealbox.  According to Meijer employees I spoke with, the q works on ANY Meijer chips!

Last, the Meijer organic mushrooms are on sale for $1 a pkg.  Mealbox has .50 off q’s, making them $1/2.  I’ll saute them up and freeze them for future recipes…

GM cereals .88 x 10=8.88

Meijer pasta free x 6 = free

Meijer chips free x 6 = free

Meijer Mushrooms x 2=1

total before sales tax:  $9.88!!

Coupon Class Q&A

Well, the coupon class appears to be VERY popular!  I was not expecting this kind of response!  The class began yesterday, and we had approximately 75 in attendance.  I’m getting inquiries almost hourly for a future class!  So here’s a listing of all questions I’ve had recently.  Feel free to ask more in the comments–if I think its a common question I’ll add the answer up here in this post.

1.  Yes, there will be another class (or 2, or 3) in the future.  I do not have any dates as of yet.

2.  The guide will be for sale on its own, from Amazon ebooks, in the near future.  Its been uploaded, we’re just waiting for approval.  It will be $5.

3.  I do have 2 binders left for sale.  These are coupon binders with special pockets for all of your coupons.  They are $17 a piece, plus shipping. 

4.  The current class session is full.  I apologize but space is limited!

Other good deals this week…

I’m seeing Walgreens has their store-brand diapers pretty cheap.  Now we’re out of diapers at the KnowitAll house, and we’re definitely enjoying that!  But for those of you still buying the suckers, here’s a pretty good deal!

Wags (walgreens) has their brand for $5.99 a pack this week.  At the front of the store, pick up an EasySaver booklet for July.  (right next to the ads)  Flip through it and find the coupon for $5 off 2 packs.  Get three packs of diapers (the coupon will adjust to the right amount–wags computers are smart!) and head to the register.  You’ll pay $11.50 out of pocket (oop) and get $5 in Register Rewards back.  (Register Rewards are $5 coupons you can use on your next order.  Just not on diapers–it doesn’t “roll.”)  So for $11.50 oop you get 3 packs of diapers and $5 to spend on something else–medicines, milk, cereal, whatever you need!

I’m also seeing that pizza rolls are 10/10 at Kroger–if you have .50 off coupons or higher, pull em out.  Those babies are FREE!

Week 7: I have $10, what do I buy?

First, a big wave for all the new visitors from the coupon class, Q102, WNKU and Channel 5 news!  Between those and the Enquirer article, its been a whirlwind few weeks in the KnowitAll household!  Now, on to the deals….

Its not a bad week this week!  Meijer has some good deals, as does Kroger.  Here are my picks for what you should spend your $10 on.

CVS–Lifesavers BOGO, use a BOGO coupon from early June insert for two free packs! 

Kroger–Free Cottonelle.  .99 for a 4 pk, free after $1/1 coupon.

Meijer–Free cereal and milk!  Buy 3 Post cereals, get $3 towards Meijer milk.  Honey Bunches of Oats has several $2 off coupons available, making them free, and Meijer milk is usually under $3, so this should be free! 

Free Dole salads–10/10 this week.  .55 off 1 paper from the paper, or $1/1 q from the pamphlets found in the produce section.

Last, for all that 4th of July picnic potato salad you’ll be making, Miracle Whip on sale at Meijer.  3/$6, minus a $1.50/2 coupon on Mealbox, and a .55/1 coupon in the Kraft family magazine (doubles to $1 for the first two), making it .25 each!

That is:

10 Lifesavers = $0

2 Miracle Whip=.50

20 Cottonelle=$0

6 Honey Bunches of Oats=$0

2 milks=$0

10 salads=$0

total ac:  .50

Leaves you plenty of money to buy coupons online and pay the sales tax with your $10.

Honey Bunches of Oats coupons can be found Here, here and here.

And as always, if you need more coupons, you can buy them on EBay or over at CouponsbyDede.

Sticking like Glue

Obama has done a great job of defining himself.  And in politics, that’s a key factor–define yourself, before your opponent does.  Until recently I would have said that McCain had also done a great job defining himself–the Maverick, Independent, POW.  Funny, likeable.  Straight-talking.  Those are all descriptions applied to McCain over the past 8 years that instantly come to mind.  Great branding!

But his branding must be slipping, because Sunday, all I heard from his reps was panic.  They were all over Obama’s people trying to show how independent McCain was and Obama is not.  I’m not going to get into the middle of that debate.  However, it piqued my curiosity.  His reps on the Sunday morning circuit had their talking points down to a T.  And every single one of them were hyper-sensitive in repeating that McCain bucks his party when he does what he thinks is right for the country.  Something in the polls must have them VERY scared.  Because after all the sucking up they’ve done to the more conservative branch of the GOP, suddenly they are all pointing out that he’s NOT like Bush and that he does things separate from his party.  Interesting….

Stockpiling 101: Week 6–I have $10, What do I buy?

There are some good deals this week, and most are limited to the Cincinnati area.

At Remke:

Cheerios–$2 a box at Remke with a $1 off printable at Pillsbury.com.  –2 boxes, $2.

Hamburger Helper–$1 each with $1 off 2 at Remke’s website–2 boxes, $1/2

At Target:

Bandaids–$1.67 a box, $1 off coupon from paper or Ebay, $5/3 Target coupon on Ebay=9 boxes free after coupons!  Or, there’s a .75 off coupon on Coupons.com.

Stockpiling 101: Week 5–I have $10, what do I buy?

Its a quiet week, but these two small deals are definitely worth the time!

Both are at Walgreens this week.  Band Aids, boxes of 30 or 40 (they’re marked) are only .99.  (normally $1.99)  There is a coupon for $1 off any Band Aid from a recent Sunday paper.  This makes them free!  Reynolds Wrap, 20 ft rolls, are $.89 with a Walgreens coupon.  (Get the coupon in store in the weekly ad)  There are coupons available online (via ebay, couponclippers or more) for $1.50 off two, making them only $.14 a roll! 

I’d buy:

20 boxes of Band Aids–Free!

20 boxes of Reynolds Wrap–$4

That leaves you $6 to stock up on milk or meat for your freezer.  Buy a gallon or two of milk,  or a couple pounds of meat, and freeze it for a later date! 

Couple of quick notes for regular readers.  LMKIA will be in the Cincinnati Enquirer this Wednesday, in the Life section, talking about coupons and stockpiling!  Also, I will be offering a class in couponing and savings techniques.  The class will be June 29th at 3 pm, at the Vineyard Church in Florence.  The cost is $10.  I’ll have more details soon!