Is that it? Really? That’s it?

littlemissknowitalld1.jpgWhat a yawner last night’s speech was.  Did he really say anything new?  At one point I came up with a new drinking game–take a drink every time he blinks three times in a row.  Yikes, I’d be tanked after 10 minutes!

The best words I heard came afterwards, on MSNBC.  Joe Scarborough had on a team of analysts, and they said a lot of great things.  First, they replayed testimony to congress that pointed out that Al Qaeda is happy that we’re staying–in fact, as we all know, we are feeding them by staying.  Second, that Saudi Arabia is happier with Iraq oil not on the market, as they are not part of OPEC and it would hurt the Saudis greatly to have a competing source of oil.  Third, one analyst called Bush delusional if he thought any of this was going to make a big change, and NO ONE ARGUED.  Pat Buchanan fussed a bit, and I thought the world was coming to an end when I heard him agree with Bush.  That’s a rare sight.  They were mainly talking about how we can’t handle the fronts we have, how are we going to open new fronts with Syria and Iran if we are only talking about 20,000 troops?

Last, everyone agreed this was a political move, not a military one.  Most of the military experts, generals, would like to see more troops than this.  Critics would like to see us pull out.  He can’t pull off either one–we don’t have enough troops to do a major surge, and he can’t pull out for obvious reasons–so he took the middle ground.  Now, normally in politics this is a good thing, compromise is good.  But when you’re talking about a war, about putting another 20,000 lives at stake (and ours, for that matter, as Al Qaeda is getting stronger by the day), then a political compromise is not a good idea.

I am not a military expert–I leave that to those in my family who are.  I won’t even pretend to have a defining opinion on what we should do.  My only opinion is this, and you’ve heard it from me before–be willing to make a tough decision, then stand up and do it.  Stick by it.  Live with it.  Own it.  If you’re worried about your legacy, don’t be wishy-washy.  That’s populism, and populism never wins you a legacy.  Tough choices for the good or the bad, that wins you a legacy.

Protecting the Family

littlemissknowitalld1.jpgAre we a family friendly society?  Politicians would love for you to believe that’s their focus–all the kissing babies, marriage-penalty tax talk, protecting families, its all for the kids, blah, blah, blah.

However, let’s look at recent evidence.  More than a quarter of our country’s kids live below the poverty level.  Divorced and single parent homes now outnumber married-parent homes.  We have more toys, more books, more toddler programs (Gymboree anyone? ), in essence, more STUFF for families, but to what use?  What good is the super deluxe Eddie Bauer car seat combo with leather trim, cupholder and matching jogging stroller if Mommy and Daddy can’t stand to be in the same room together?  Or if they are up to their ears in debt, working 60 hours a week just so that they can “live” the American Dream?  (Let me say, that’s not living, especially not in freedom.  That’s slavery to some falsified idea of what life is about.)

And what about those families we sold a bill of goods to during Welfare Reform in the mid 90’s?  (Don’t misunderstand me, it was desperately needed–but the follow through is greatly lacking.)  We trained them, educated them, promised them that if they got off welfare, their lives would be a thousand times better.  But, is it?  A majority of those families moved into minimum wage jobs.  And here’s a shocker–working 40 hours a week at minimum wage–their income still qualifies for welfare!

 Again, we let welfare reform be good PR, then forgot all about it once the tv cameras were turned off.  We haven’t followed up to find that a two income, 40 hour a week family working at minimum wage is still below poverty level.  Can you imagine a family of four living on $15,000 a year? 

Neither can Little Miss Know it All.

I am so tired of politics as slogans.  I want something with substance, something with some bite, and a poltician with follow through.  Don’t just do it while the cameras are running, do it when no one else is looking.  That’s what Jesus did, that’s what he commanded…and if you claim to be a follower of his and come to my church looking for votes, then I expect you to be doing it too.

Stay tuned as tomorrow Little Miss Know it All will tie the minimum wage and poverty to illegal immigration….

For more information on this topic, see Kevin Spurlock of Super Size Me fame as he lives on minimum wage for 30 days…

Is Anyone Out There?


Little Miss Know it All is starting to get miffed.  I’m not feeling the love.  Heck, I’m not even feeling the vitriol…. Come on people, this is politics!  Surely you MUST have some opinions…

Okay, we’ll start with easy stuff.  ObamaHillaryBiden?  Edwards?  Kerry?  Or Al Gore even? 

Or maybe you play for the other side.  GuilianiMcCain

Maybe its not Presidential politics.  Little Miss Know it All understands…unless you’re a political junkie, its not even early days yet–its the before-we-even-care-to-give-it-one-ounce-of-our-attention days.  Of course, if you’re not a political junkie, chances are you wouldn’t be here….

So then, what is getting you fired up in the world of politics? 

Sitting on the edge of my seat…

littlemissknowitalld1.jpgI’m just sitting and waiting, waiting, waiting….for the President to finally announce what the heck he’s going to do to solve Iraq.  What exactly is his brilliant “New Way Forward.”  Or, oooohh, maybe the big buildup is because he has a NEW SLOGAN for us that will solve all of it!

 Actually, I’m just bored with all the talk about what the democrats will do once he announces what he’s going to do.  And the “Senator so and so said today…” is really getting on my nerves.  No one knows what he’s going to say, we’re all guessing, and they’re all just trying to get their talking heads on tv before Bush steals the limelight.

 Oh, and they love to say “I told you so…” when it all goes wrong.

 So, what do you think he’s going to do?  And what do you think about it?

This week’s funnies

littlemissknowitalld1.jpg May I present, for your review, some of the best political cartoons of the past week.

From the Louisville Courier Journal…


From the London Times…


From the various Cagle News sources…








littlemissknowitalld1.jpgYesterday was full of sights that make this little democrat’s heart go pitter-patter.  First, the swearing in ceremony, always a sight that brings a patriotic tear to my eye.  I remember the time I went to President Clinton’s inauguration…sigh.  Another day, another story.

 Then, there was the swearing in of the first female Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  storypel18thurs.jpgI could’ve done without all the photo ops, but hey, you gotta take the media attention when you can get it!  (I did cringe at the video of her walking through the halls of the Capitol, and her family running behind her, jiggling babies and sweating just to keep up with her for the media appearances.)

Then there was all the media attention to the relatively mundane political topics of whose office is where, who is on the Ways and Means committee, and who is on the Armed Forces committee.  These are the topics rarely discussed in the media but often discussed by politicos.  Yes, we’re not normal, I know that.  Most people don’t find C-SPAN fascinating.  Again, another day, another conversation….

 I’m especially proud of these two guys–ellsworth_swearing_in_01_t220.jpg

Brad Ellsworth, who I knew back in the day when he was running for Evansville Sheriff.  What a nice guy.  Humble, honest, and family-centered.  And he beat Hostettler, one of the dumbest politicians who ever ran for office. 

John Yarmuth, my favorite editorialist.  He went to high school with my father, and many years later founded LEO, the Louisville Eccentric Observer, a notorious paper in Louisville.  Finally, a Democrat who gets the concept that politics is FUN!

Best of all, the sight of ALL THOSE DEMOCRATS!!!!  Been working for this for years now! 

What a beautiful sight!

The first Brilliant Political Move Award of the Year goes to…

awards.jpg Little Miss Know it All would like to give out an award today for a brilliant, savvy political move.  To Congressman Keith Ellison (D) I award the Best “Tttthhwwwwppp” in your Opponents Face Award.

storyellisonap.jpgSee, last month Keith Ellison, a Muslim, announced that he would take his first swearing in to Congress using a Koran instead of the ceremonial bible.   Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode (R) was livid, making a big media storm out of the fact that the founding fathers were Christians, and isn’t our country falling apart?  You would’ve thought that Ellison’s action was the swearing in of Osama….

A little side note, there is no bible used in the official swearing in.  Its a mass process–all 400 + members of the House are sworn in in unison.  Many of them do private, ceremonial swearing-ins later, for the benefit of the press.  That is when bibles, Korans, Torahs, whatever book of faith, or none at all, are used.

Well, Ellison turned it all on its head.  Today, during his ceremonial swearing-in, he will be using a Koran that was in the personal library of Thomas Jefferson.  You don’t get more founding father than Thomas Jefferson, and to use a founding father that is the personal hero of most Virginians, especially one from the home district of Mr. Virgil Goode, well, these are the kind of political twists most politicos dream of.

 Hats off to the new Congressman!

Read more about it at

Coming out of the woodwork…

littlemissknowitalld.jpgMy, my, the gang’s all here. 

The Kentucky Gubernatorial Race is beginning to shape up for next year.  And what a gaggle of entries we have!  I won’t comment on the GOP side, because I really don’t know much about the guy running against Ernie Fletcher.  However, I personally know many of the Democrats running for office.

 Steve Henry, the former Lt Governor of Ky, is a really nice guy.  Made a few stupid political mistakes (like aligning himself with Patton…), but a nice guy.  Jonathan Miller, another favorite of mine.  I’ve known him casually for about ten years, ever since his unsuccessful bid for Congress in 1998.  He’s been a behind the scenes player in Democrat politics both on Capitol Hill and in Frankfort for many years.   His work as Kentucky’s Treasurer is well known.  He’s polished, charming, a great speaker, and pretty popular.  A good choice for most voters.

Steve Beshear….what a blast from the past!  Beshear was my first real campaign–I interned as a Regional Volunteer Co-ordinator (meaning I was an unpaid field grunt) in 1996 during his Senate race against Mitch McConnell.  That was so much fun…but I have to say, his campaign was poorly funded, and even more poorly organised.  As a college student I knew more about the layout of KY than most of his campaign workers.   I’m not sure he’s got much going for him now–as far as I know, its been 10 years since anyone heard anything out of him.  Of course, I’m buried up here in Northern KY, so its possible I’ve missed something.

Well, that’s my rundown.  There are sure to be more throwing their hats into the ring…

 The political winds are a blowin….and making for some very strange bedfellows!

In Memorium…

hohoho1.jpgAs a country we mourn the loss of former President Gerald Ford (1913-2006).  Little Miss Know it All would like to salute President Ford, for being a man of conviction, of faith, and of strength.  Gerald Ford did nothing spectacular that history will remember him for–yet in his two years in office he performed an immeasurable service to our country, speeding the healing process and allowing for a smooth transition of a free government.


 Ford said:  ” Courage is standing up for what you know is right, regardless of the pressure from all sides, to do nothing or to do something differently.  Courage is a great character asset to people in public life because it means that we’re moving forward in the right way and not accepting the wrong things for the wrong reasons.”  He was a politician who wasn’t afraid of making tough decisions. 

Now, there’s a lot of his decisions I wouldn’t have agreed with, but still, he was willing to step up in tough times and make hard decisions.  He was a man of faith, not one who used it as a political tool, but a man of real faith, who led a life of quiet faith.  As a President, he made decisions for the country, not for his party’s election chances, or because some poll numbers said so.  He did what he knew to be right, and took the blows when people disagreed.  What a rare sight these days!

We need more men like him.  Men who are willing to ignore the political winds and step in a make hard choices, do what the country needs, instead of funding every popular pork project there is.  We need men who live lives of faith and courage, instead of waving them around as slogans and hiding behind the banners they’re printed on.  We are quickly becoming a society of all form and absolutely no substance.  But that’s another day’s argument….

God Bless You, President Ford, and may God’s mercies and peace surround your family in the coming months.

Time to grow up…

littlemissknowitalld1.jpgIt’s Wednesday, and Little Miss Know it All would like to write something that would dazzle you. However, I can’t find anything worth writing about! What a blase, ho-hum kind of week its been in the world of politics. Drama at the White House–will he send more troops or not? Yawn. Is Edwards running for president, or Obama, or Hillary, or any of the avalanche of hungry Democrats jockeying for position? Bor-ing!  At this point, I don’t really care.  We just finished one grueling (yet very satisfying) election.  Give it a rest.  On and on, its the same inane stories that have been re-hashed for weeks. I think everyone must be out doing their last minute shopping!

Soooo…..Little Miss Know it All will just go on a rant.

This country needs to grow up and decide what we want to be! We are so concerned with poll numbers, appeasing everyone, giving everyone the best, rosiest forecast for their life, when its all a bunch of hooey. The truth is, we are floundering, and have been for a few decades. We don’t want to pay taxes, but we want potholes fixed, trash picked up, policemen at our neighbor’s door every time the dog barks too much. We want the best schools in the world, no lines at the DMV, super-cool high tech gadgets, and NASA to be going all over the universe.

Well, here’s a shocker–that all costs money, and lots of it. So if we don’t pay for it, who will?

Truth is, we can’t even make a decision on the most fundamental issues like road improvements and clean water, much less Social Security and the Immigration issues. We want everything for free, we want someone else to be responsible for it all, and hey, do it my way, okay?

When I was working for the Senator, I would answer constituent phone calls. If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times…”Get Government out of my life, stop interfering in what I want to do. Oh, and there ought to be a law about…” You fill in the blank. Sometimes it was the dog next door barking, sometimes it was people driving slow in the fast lane, it never mattered, they didn’t see the error in their thinking. Of course, there were the nuts who called who thought the Senator’s office was bugged, or they couldn’t come see him because of their bionic arms would disentigrate in the metal detectors, or wait, the woman who swore the Covington police were putting drugs in her Kool-Aid…. Ah, fun days.

Wait, back to the subject. What was I ranting about?

Oh, right. Listen, its time for some hard decisions. Do we want decent schools? Then pay the teachers more, build more schools, lower class sizes, and just spend some money for goodness sake. That means property taxes, the most dreaded subject for any local elected official. Do we want safe bridges, water that doesn’t give you cancer, and air you can breathe? All of that has to be paid for. So make up your minds, and tell your congressman about it. Trust me, there’s someone waiting for your call, just thrilled to write down your every opinion.

I could also rant on the War on Terror, and how we’re funding both sides….but let’s leave that for another day.

Oh, and take some time to enjoy the holiday season. That’s an order!