Where’s the Message?

I watched the Democratic convention last night, and despite some heartwarming moments and some rousing speeches, I felt like something was missing.  I loved watching Teddy Kennedy last night, and I loved learning about Michelle Obama.  (Even more fascinating was seeing her mom and seeing the common mannerisms!  I get a feeling that’s her mom is not a woman who’s easily swayed or impressed.)  The Obama kids were darling and stole the stage from everyone else.  There was their dad trying to give a nice, pre-scripted moment from Kansas City–and they were being kids all over it.  Very cute kids!  I also was impressed with Michelle’s interaction with the kids.  Instead of helping keep them in line with the pre-scripted moment, she was more mom than politician–handing them the microphone so they could speak to their dad, even when he wasn’t ready for it.  She was encouraging their exuberance–in the way most moms would.  It was very un-scripted and very nice to see.

That said, something was still missing.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but this morning I was watching James Carville and he pinpointed it–there was no ‘message.’  In political circles the message is the point you are trying to convey to the voters.  I know the purpose of last night–to rally Democrats, make them proud of who we are (through the Teddy speech) and then introduce us to our potential first lady.  But what was the message?  What one theme or point came through the entire day?  What sticks with us?  The message is crucial–every word spoken should always point back towards the message–that’s how people know who you are and what you stand for.  In this world of short attention spans, warm moments like last night are great in the short term, but useless in the long term.   The warm, fuzzy feelings of last night will be gone by tomorrow, and all we’ll be left with is the message–if there was one.  The GOP excels at this concept–message in short and sweet phrases, something that not only conveys a feeling but one that sticks in your head.  Dems tend to like to convey too much, and messages get muddled.  We’ve gotten better at it…but last night leaves me wondering what the message was.

I didn’t pick up on one.  There was no overwhelming theme of both speeches.  In some ways I could say it was about Hope–but if it was Hope, then it was a weakly executed message.  Both mentioned it, but their speeches centered around themselves and their own agendas, not around Hope.  So the question remains–what was the message?

Without a central message, this whole convention is a waste of time.  Voters need to walk away knowing without a shadow of a doubt who we are and who Obama is; what we stand for now and in the future.  Without it, its a multi-million dollar party that will garner few votes.

Biden? Really??

Really?  After all this fanfare and buildup, Obama chooses Biden?

You can hear the question marks going up all over the country, and the feeling of lackluster and letdown.  No one will be overwhelmed with the wonderfulness of Biden.

Its really not the smartest decision.  Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE Biden.  He’s a good guy and I think he’d do a good job as Vice President.  However….as a campaign decision….not so great.

Biden says too much.  He’s beloved on the Sunday morning talk circuit for being easygoing, nice, and very smart.  He makes a good soundbite.  Problem is, he makes a good soundbite.  Not always in a good way.  He’s known for putting his foot in his mouth.

And Biden won’t help with the electoral map.  Obama already will carry the Northeast.  Biden won’t help much with the south, short of being a white male.  There’s a reason why he’s historically one of the first to drop out of presidential races–because as nice as he is, as smart as he is, he’s not a huge vote getter.

So that leaves many feeling underwhelmed and scratching their heads.  Biden?  Really??

Clinton supporters not letting go

Apparently there are some Clinton supporters who just aren’t ready to move on.  Despite Clinton herself coming out in favor of Obama, there are many who are unable to let the past go.  And while I personally voted for Clinton over Obama, it has been well past time to move on!

It seems that hundreds of them will be gathering to blog, pass out flyers and create a ruckus at the National Convention in two weeks, to let the Democrats know that they aren’t happy.

Read more over at AOL.

Some Clinton Backers Won’t Go Quietly


The LittleMissKnowitAll Phenomenon

I found this in my inbox today.  I must say….hilarious!!!  Check this out!


How is it going? A friend just sent me a link to this website, and you are all over it, is this really you? www.News3Online.com

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Who are we, anyway?

What exactly happened to the American Dream?

Once upon a time it meant everything to Americans.  It was a collective push towards a better life, one that involved innovation, creatitivity and hard work.  We were always looking for newer and better ways to do things.  We sought to build something and hand it down to our children–and that included a world that was worth living in.  In involved teaching manners and rules and discipline, along with hopes and dreams, vision and drive.

Now the American Dream is a rotten form of its old self.  What does a ‘better life’ look like now?  Big homes, fast cars, lots of expensive clothes, convenience and ease.  We do what feels good.  We look out for Number One, because isn’t that the American Dream?  To live better than everyone else does?  We want everything to be quick and easy.

What a trap.

Can you imagine what our country would be like if instead of sitting and pointing fingers, assigning blame and doing the ‘woe is me’ dance, we had the old American Dream?  We’d be finding our way out of this mess, creating long-term solutions that didn’t create new ones.  (As putting 400 lbs of corn into one tank of Ethanol has done.)  We’d have a can-do attitude, and not one that wants anyone but us to do something.  Can you imagine what we’d be like if we weren’t letting China buy us piece by piece so we can afford oil from the very people who want to destroy us?  And can you imagine what our country would be like if we all weren’t so happy to sit back and let it go on as long as we have Drive-thru at McDonalds and 150 channels on tv?

We’re moving!

Little Miss Know it All and our Deals R Us blogs have a new home!  You can now find us over at LittleMissKnowitAll on Contentquake.    For now you will continue to find older posts here, though almost all of them have already been copied over to the new site.   This blog will return to political passions, while the LittleMissKnowitAll blog will be mainly deals and savings blogs.  This will make it a lot easier for others to find us.  I always found it funny that when someone would ask me where to find all the deals I blog, my answer always started with “Well, head over to Truth in Politics…”

So come on over!  The door’s open and the Housewarming party is in full swing!

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Free cereal!

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My “haul”

It was a VERY good day!  I had a local news camera crew following me around today while I shopped at Kroger and Target.  I had my runs carefully planned out, as always.  And as always, other things came up or they were sold out.  So we improvised.  All in all, I’m very pleased!

We went to Kroger and my first total came to $135, and after coupons it was at $58.  I typed in my Kroger plus card number and the total went down to $13.xx!!  (Plus $8 back in Catalinas)  The manager of the store was great–he was celebrating my success along with everyone else!  It was a lot of fun!

We went to Target where I had a smaller but still successful run.  $51.xx down to $6.xx after coupons.  We scared some poor cashier to death–she wasn’t warned at all we were coming!

After those successes, I decided to swing by Kroger again this evening.  Again, total came to $107, and I paid $17 oop. 

So, for the grand total of $37, I got all these things:



What you can’t see are 10 pkgs of Ball Park Beef Franks, 8 pkgs of Kraft sliced sharp cheddar singles, 4 half gallon Breyers Ice Cream and 3 12 packs of Coke!  All for $37!!!

Contest on HotCouponWorld

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