A Quiet but Significant Change

Seems the British have stopped calling the war in Iraq the “War on Terror.” 


Interesting, as they have been our closest ally, and have seemed to go along with much of the Bush administration’s PR tactics.  Seeing as they have decades of experience fighting terrorists, and seem to be doing well in Iraq, maybe someone at the White House should sit down and take a few notes.  Have a little mentoring.

Wolfy baby…

In News You Might Have Missed…

To continue the theme of politics and panties, head over to The Washington Post for a roundup of Paul Wolfowitz’s promotions and raises for his girlfriend at the World Bank. And by the way, who thought it was a good idea to give him control of the World Bank?!? Considering how $300 million dollars went missing in Iraq while under his control, is that really wise to give him control of the World Bank?

Or, check out how 5,000 Rabbits managed to shut down a major European Highway.

There’s the latest in pre-9/11 intelligence gaffes in France as they reveal what they told the CIA about Al-Qaeda’s plans before the attacks.

Or the new scientific evidence that shows the T Rex lives on in the humble Chicken.

While you’re over at the Washington Post, make sure to keep your eyes open.  Seems Truth in Politics is featured in the blogroll.  You never know where Little Miss Know it All will appear next!

Enjoy. Have a great evening!


Silence.  There’s nothing more that I can offer.  No Little Miss Know it All words of wisdom are going to solve the horrible stomach-ache we all feel today.  I think we all just need a little quiet right now.  And as a news junkie, I want to ask the media and all the talking heads to SHUT THE F*** UP.  A little respect, please.

A couple good blogs to fill the silence, the need to know, if you want that.  A fellow Contentquake blogger, LifeSpeak, who always has excellent posts about life, has another excellent post on the horror we all feel.   Chad at Uncertain Principles  pleads for decorum and a lack of rush to judgement about gun control (or concealed carry) as we take time to mourn.  Listening to the radio yesterday for a few seconds, already there are calls to ban all guns, or as one man said “What we needed was more students who were armed.”  Stop for a day or two, and let us all recover before you bash us over the head with your rhetoric, please.

I’m praying for those families, and I hope you are too, if you’re of that persuasion.  Prayer is the only thing we can do that will make any kind of difference.  May God Bless the families of the injured, of the victims, and of the survivors. 

To light a virtual candle in honor of those lost yesterday, and to honor all lost to gun violence, visit Gratefulness.org  and join the Little Miss Know it All (LMNIA) candle community in lighting candles.

Sorry guys, I had to take the panties down.  Doesn’t seem appropriate today.

Baked “fried” chicken

I tried a new recipe yesterday that I wanted to share with everyone.  Its a combination of Paula Deen’s, and Cora Kat’s.  I love Deen’s cooking, but lets face it, its very heavy on the fat.  Cora Kat’s was good on being low fat, but not quite as yummy looking as Deen’s.  This is a simple recipe for baked fried chicken.

 First, I used 8 chicken thighs.  I dredged them in flour mixture (1/2 cup flour, 1 tbsp kosher salt, 1 tsp dry mustard and 1 tsp fresh ground pepper) and then dipped them in buttermilk (made from 1 cup lowfat evaporated milk and 1 tbsp vinegar, let sit for 15 minutes), and then into crushed cornflakes.  I used a broiler pan that was coated with 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil and placed the chicken in it.  I cooked them for 20 minutes at 400 degrees, then for another 40 minutes at 350 degrees.  YUMMY!  The coating was crisp, the chicken was juicy and it all tasted like real fried chicken.  8 thighs=2 meals.

I’m adding this one to my next bulk cooking list!

Political Panties?

Yes, I’m serious.  Today’s blog is a collection of Political Panties and Underwear.  Who needs a Political Protest when you’ve got Political Panties?

 These are real, you can buy them at AxisofEve.com or PoliticalPanties.com.

And for the guys, in case you were feeling left out….(somehow I doubt that is what you are feeling right now)

And last, but not least….


When Hate comes to town

What do you do when Hate comes to town?

In Cincinnati, we are faced with this decision as a Neo-Nazi group plans to march next week through a racially diverse neighborhood.  Cities all over the country face this all the time when the Klan comes a calling.

So what do you do? Do we revoke their permits to march?  Do we show up and shout at them?  Do we demonstrate to show them how wrong they are?  Do we write to our paper and tell everyone we know?

Personally, I think you do none of the above.  These guys are seeking attention, and the more attention they get, the more they are convinced that they are right.  Even negative attention.  Ever heard the proverb about arguing with a fool?  Consider Proverbs 18:2 ” A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.”  Or Proverbs 23:9 “Do not speak to a fool, for he will scorn the wisdom of your words.”  Lastly, Proverbs 26:4 “Don’t respond to the stupidity of a fool;  you’ll only look foolish yourself.”  There are many more, but I’ll stop there.

Fools aren’t interested in wisdom, in knowing what’s right.  In their mind, they are right.  They have rushed to judgement, and all the wise arguments in the world will not change their minds–it will only elevate their own “rightness” in their own mind.

So what can you do?  No one wants hate to prosper!  I have seen a tactic used very succesfully that I want to recommend to those dealing with this issue.  Send money to an opposing group.  If its the KKK, send a donation for every minute that they march to the NAACP.  So for every minute that they march, they are raising money for those they so vehemently hate.  It doesn’t matter the group you support, pick the appropriate group.  Then let them know!  Send a note to a reporter or an editorial in the paper.

I’ve seen this be successful.  I remember living in a small city in Indiana several years back, working on a political campaign.  The Klan wanted to come into town and march, and were granted a permit.  The local churches came together and sponsored the fund-raiser, and guess what?  When the Klan heard how much money was pledged to African American causes, they decided not to march!  No hate monger wants to raise money for their intended targets!

Oh, and the most important part–pray.  If you are a believer, a follower of Christ, you should pray for their hearts.  Pray that God would open their eyes and soften their hearts, and let a little wisdom pass into their lives.  Only God has the power to reveal their folly.

Laugh Today for your Health!

Many of us know that laughter is good for you.  But do you know just how much?

Not only is it good for the heart, and for reducing stress, but it seems that it lowers blood sugar in diabetics, helps you sleep at night, increases blood flow and helps you fight off the common cold!  Even more shocking…100 belly laughs a day is equal to 10 minutes on the treadmill!  Another study showed that 1 minute of laughing is equal to 6 minutes of cariovascular exercise!

And fake laughter is just as good as a real laugh, studies show.  So go ahead, laugh it up!


Christianity Under Attack?

Recently I was having a conversation with some friends, and the question came up:  If your children were ridiculed and ostracized for being Christian, what would you do?  Move?  Hide your faith?  Intriguing question, but because we don’t live in China or Saudi Arabia, I doubt I’ll ever have to answer this one.

 But there are many, including some of my friends, who believe that’s what is happening in America.  They believe that Christianity is under attack.  Is it?

I don’t know.  I have trouble with that idea, because I firmly believe in keeping religion out of political hands.  I don’t want some whitewashed, watered down version of Christianity (or any other religion, including athiesm) shoved down my throat or my kids’ throats.  I want to define what my faith is, and how to practice it.

 However, with the appearances of Happy Holidays and the Spring Bunny (instead of the Easter Bunny), the preclusion of prayer in public or schools, etc, many Christians feel threatened. 

I know how I feel, and could rant on it for hours.  I’m starting a series on God Bless America.  But I want to hear what YOU think. 

So, is Christianity under attack? 

Bulk cooking

Quick update:

Wow! This is a popular topic! I get asked about Bulk Cooking more than any other topic! This page has the most hits too! You guys must be really curious about Bulk Cooking!

Well, I’m going to be sharing more information soon. If you live in the Cincinnati/Northern KY or Louisville area, I am offering in home lessons. Lessons include instructions on how to practice bulk cooking, a small ebook I’m writing, reviewing recipes and tools you already have in your home for Bulk Cooking use. Then you go shopping, buy the ingredients, and I will return to your home to help you cook for the first time!

Beyond that, for those who live out of the area, I am putting together a small ebook that I will sell on the topic. It will have basic instructions, some of my experiences and tips, basic recipes for bulk cooking and how to analyze your own recipes to see if they’re worthy of Bulk Cooking. I’ll let everyone know the minute its finished!


I get asked about this alot, so I thought I’d just write one blog about it and link everyone to it.

Have you ever wondered about Bulk Cooking? (aka Freezer Cooking or Once a Month Cooking) I was fascinated when I heard about it five months ago, and have been hooked ever since!

What exactly is it? Well, it can be many things. Multiplying the meals you’re already making, or cooking once a month to stock your freezer with 30 meals for the next month, or something in between.

I started with the idea that I wanted to fill up my brand new standing freezer that I’d gotten for Christmas. To begin, I thought I’d just start tripling every meal I made. I was amazed at how simple that was. Cooking fajitas for one dinner took 25 minutes–cooking enough for three meals took 35 minutes. Cooking Coq au Vin for one dinner took 40 minutes, cooking it for 3 meals took 55 minutes. By the end of the first week, I was so bulk cooking crazy I’d stored 10 dinners already! I could see that I was hooked, so I began researching and planning my first Once a Month cook. (OAMC)

I started by writing down the recipes I knew that my family loved, that would freeze well. I started perusing personal chef sites, since that’s what they do, is cook meals and freeze them for their clients. I found several websites online that talked about bulk cooking, and took recipes and tips from them.

By the time the first of the month rolled around, I had 15 meals in the freezer–5 different meals x 3 of each. I wanted a good variety, so I planned on making 25 more. I picked eight meals, and made 3 of each. Since then, I’ve averaged 8-10 different meals each month, plus some staples. I rotate the eight each month so that there’s always a variety in my freezer.

Here’s what you can usually find in my freezer: Lasagna, spaghetti sauce with meatballs, coq au vin, paella, lemon garlic chicken, roasted chicken, roast beef, ribs, pork chops, creamy penne with mushrooms, fajitas, chicken piccata, meatloaf, homemade frozen pizzas, beef bourguinon, manicotti, steaks, chili and triple mushroom bisque.

How do I do it? Well, here’s how one month went. On Saturday, I put dressed and stuffed four whole chickens, and put them in the oven. On top of the stove I browned about 10 lbs of chicken and pork chops. when those were done I pulled them off the stove and let them cool. I took a 15 minute break, and came back to the roasted chickens being done. I put 10 lbs of roast in the oven and let cook all day. I took the veggies, rice and other ingredients, and assembly line fashion, put them into their proper bags/dishes for their meals. Then I added the pre-cooked chicken and pork chops. Zip, seal, toss in freezer and ready to go. There were 9 meals. I wrapped up three of the roasted chickens and threw them in my kitchen freezer. The fourth was picked clean, and used to make the Triple Mushroom Bisque. Froze all of that, and put into the deep freeze. The chickens and beef aren’t ready, so that makes 12 meals down, 3 hours gone. The beef cooks all day on low, at the end of the day I cut it into fours and freeze three. All in all I spent 3 1/2 hours in the kitchen.

Sunday, I make sides. I “bake” 5 lbs of potatoes in the microwave, then smash them in the mixer. I chop up the other 5 lbs of a 10 lb bag, 2.5 lb to roasted potatoes, 2.5 lbs to au gratin potatoes. On the stove is cooking my greens–green beans, broccoli (just blanched) and brussel sprouts. I also cook up wild rice and polenta. I take out the chickens and one roast beef from the fridge, package the chickens and roasts with their side dishes in a gallon ziploc bag, and out those go to the freezer. I chop up the roast into chunks, and assemble in a tray for beef bourguinon. So 18 meals done. Two hours on Sunday.

Monday is beef, pasta and pizza day. I boil hamburger, italian sausage and hot sausage (believe it or not it tastes the same and cuts out tons of fat, and is faster!) for the sauces. I make spaghetti sauce, enough for three dinners and two lasagnas. I mix up bread dough and let it rise, then cut it into sections. Four pizzas, 24 bread rolls. I cut the bread rolls into pieces and freeze–now I’ve got rolls for dinners. I roll out the pizzas, top with the spaghetti sauce, pepperoni and hot sausage, cheese, and done, four frozen pizzas. Then I assemble the lasagna, and whew, package it all, we’re done! About two and a half hours. Let’s see, that’s a total of…..28 meals plus sides!!!!!!

So let’s see, eight hours, 28 meals. Not a bad deal!

It’s been really nice–most mornings I get up, wander out to the standing freezer in the garage, and pick out dinner for the night. I let it thaw all day, then at 5:00 I pop it in the oven, and at 5:45 return to start setting the table. By 6 the whole family is eating together! What a shock in today’s world!

I spend that extra 45 minutes a night with my family, before I head off to class or work. Very nice. As an added benefit, we’re eating healthier, and we’re saving money. With no running to the grocery every few nights, or out for fast food, we’ve cut nearly $100 out of our monthly budget. What wonderful fringe benefit!

Some extra bulk cooking tips….even though there are only four people in the Know it All family, I make every meal to feed 6. That way, there’s enough for seconds and likely leftovers for lunches. Don’t bulk cook a recipe you’ve never made before–try it first then bulk it up. Things like rice, potatoes and noodles freeze well, vinegar and citrus as well, cream sauces too. But never freeze mayonaisse, it breaks apart and is nasty after freezing. Alcohol freezes, so if you cook with wine but don’t finish a bottle, freeze the extras for your next cooking session. If you’re baking a bread that needs to rise when it cooks, make sure to thaw it first. Pizza crusts that are baked frozen are gummy, while crusts that are thawed first rise and crisp. Most people use a combination of aluminum pans and ziplock bags. Vaccuum sealers are nice, especially for sides as they can boil or microwave right in the bag, eliminating dish usage. You can precook the meals, or just assemble them for cooking, it really just matters on your use and the meal’s needs. (Lemon garlic chicken, meatloaf and lasagna are all assembled uncooked and just cooked in the reheating process.) You can also pre-assemble grill meals for the summer–try wrapping up your veggie packets for the grill, seasoning and all in good aluminum wrappings, and simply toss on the grill as it warms. By the time you’re done with your meats, the veggies should be cooked too.

And so on. I’m sure I’ll amend this a thousand times. Feel free to comment or leave your tips!

Carnival of the Liberals #36

Welcome, Welcome Carnival Goers!  Grab some cotton candy, some corn dogs and make sure not to miss the show over on the main stage! 

 What a wealth of submissions this time around!  Sorting through them, you made Little Miss Know it All feel very, very proud to be a Liberal.  Also, a little humbled.  You guys are excellent writers!  Coherent thoughts, well supported arguments…but I wouldn’t expect any less from COTL writers!

As I perused the submissions, one common theme seemed to emerge.  If it had a theme song, it would be sung by Bruce Springsteen–“War.  Uh!  What good is it?  Absolutely nothing!”  Come on, you know you want to sing along….

But for the best of the best, they seemed to pick up on those issues we all care about but often get overshadowed by the mess in Iraq.  So let’s start by heading over to Truthiness Truth Teller and read what she has to say about immigration past and present.   Then hop onto the Appalachian Trail and hike on over to Walking the Berkshires for an excellent discussion on the devastating effects of coal mining through Mountaintop Removal.  As a Kentuckian, I can tell you how heartbreaking it is to see these beauties brutally decimated–and even more heartbreaking to see what it does to local residents in the name of “jobs.” 

Halfway There has two great posts on The New Presidential Power  and Bush’s penchance for Recess Appointments.

Solomon’s House put words into action and protested Egypt’s slide into tyranny and theocracy.  Little Miss Know it All always loves it when someone actually does something about what they say is important to them. 

Next, head over to The Truffle to read the very serious post about When did the Laughter Die?  Okay, so maybe not life-changing, but I hope campaign advertisers and advisors read this one.  Nothing is more boring to voters than yet another soppy, my-guy-is-a-good-guy ad.  Make us laugh!  Vitriolics are so easy, try something a little harder please!

And over at A Blog Around the Clock  is a technical but excellent post on framing our arguments in Framing Science – the Dialogue of the Deaf.   The Greenbelt  had an excellent breakdown of the fallicy of using yes or no questions as political trickery.

But back to Bruce….and what Lefty doesn’t love a little Springsteen from time to time?

Perspectives from a Nomad  has a good post comparing lessons of Lebanon in 1983 to today’s mess in Iraq.  Head over and read his blog The Tipping Point in Iraq-Closer Than We Think?

Over at The Questionable Authority, Mike introduces the President to the Constitution.  Let’s hope it sticks.  And at Project Paradox Stephen points out the consequences of Bush’s Failure to Compromise on Iraq.

Whew!  What a load of smartie-pants!  That’s just the top ten of this Carnival.  There are loads more….try Mad Kane’s rhymes, or Dr Biobrain’s comparison of the media to the WWF, or Can’t Holder Tongue’s support for Natalie Maines and Free Speech.

Don’t forget, the next Carnival will be out on May 9th, over at BogsBlog.  There’s still plenty of room in the near future for hosts, so if you’ve got a blog, you think Liberal(ly) and you’d love to have some extra traffic, consider being a host. 

We thank you all very humbly for visiting us in our neck of the woods, and hey, don’t be a stranger!