Well, its official, McCain’s running for President.  Wait, didn’t we already know that?  This endless cycle of announcements is getting old, really quick, and I like this kind of thing.  How many more do we have to sit through?

He appeared on the Daily Show last night, and evidently had quite the brawl with Jon Stewart.  See the 9 minutes of video from it at Punchline Politics.

Virginia Tech

So many accusations, so-called solutions, finger pointing and name calling is going on in the wake of the shootings last week. 

Please, stop.

I am so tired of pro-gun/anti-gun.  Of, its the security.  It’s the school’s fault for letting him be on campus.  It’s Virginia’s fault for not locking him up.  Everyone has their solution and someone to blame, and it usually involves a symptom of his problems, not the root.

We as a society have to quit looking for blame to be assigned, for quick fixes.  The problems we see in Paducah, Columbine and Virginia Tech did not happen in a vaccum, and they didn’t happen overnight.  The solutions aren’t going to be quick and painless either.

We see isolated, bullied, taunted children.  We see mental illness and a health care system which looks for the cheapest, quickest fix.  We see an access to violence that was unimaginable just 30 years ago.  We see a society that is so determined to be independent, let-me-do-it-my-way, that killers like these boys are able to exist on their own, without a family or community that intervenes and supports until health is acheived.

Honestly, money and people are the answer.  More money for mental health care, more people involved in other people’s lives.  Are we willing to spend our time and money on others?  Or are we going to continue on our self-centered trend of “what I want is King?”

For more on possible solutions, head over to Jessie’s blog at MommyBabble.  I wholeheartedly agree with Jessie, and as a mom of an autistic son, I wonder when bullying is finally going to be treated as a serious threat, and not just “kids will be kids.”

Interesting Poll

The Washington Post has an interesting poll  out that shows that a third of all Americans feel that Global Warming is the biggest environmental threat to the world.  Well, Duh.  Did you really need a poll to tell us that?  What else have we talked about, environmentally, for the past decade?  Is it really only a third of Americans?

There is good poll data in this that shows that Americans are taking notice of the environmental issue, and are becoming more alarmed.  But the big question is, does this translate into votes?  Sure, they trust the Democrats more on this issue.  Historically that’s been the case in similar polls.  But the candidate who hangs his hat on the environment as the big issue, is a losing candidate.  Historically, that is.  Is there a big enough shift in the political climate that matches the global climate change?  Not sure yet.  Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ success aside, is it important enough for them to leave the comfort of their home and gp vote?  That’s what remains to be seen.

I shouldn’t be surprised…

But I am.  Go read this article at about the US Government monitoring our private prescriptions

What’s the uproar, you ask?  Do you really want the government knowing whether you take Vioxx or Clarinex?  What about the little blue pill or that little pink pill, even?  Say you lose your job, your wife leaves you, and the Dr understandably prescribes an anti-depressant.  Should you be on a list with the Government in charge?


Like we were there…

What, you weren't invited to the Correspondent's Dinner?  Neither was Little Miss Know it All.  But never fear, between Youtube and the Washington Post's recap  of all the activities, you can feel like you were. 

Some of the highlights...a raucous argument between Sheryl Crow and Karl Rove; Guiliani pressing Rupert Murdoch for support; Sanjaya fever, even in a political room; and Today show staple Ann Curry declaring herself "...overstimulated and confused."

Even better, Letterman's Top 10 Bush Moments: 

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Not the best Top 10 ever considering the amount of material available, but still pretty funny.  Poor Barney, but in Bush's defense, Scotties do that sometimes.  Someone needs to teach Bush his right from left.

Have a great weekend!

Boris Yeltsin

Today, Truth in Politics stops to pay its respects to Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin who died yesterday at the age of 76.  The Kremlin hasn’t released the details of his death, although I’m sure there’ll be many jokes about a pickled liver.  Yeltsin will be remembered as a bold leader who had great ideas, but poor follow through as he watched his country sink from a world power to impoverished nation. 

 For more on the story, visit the Washington Post.


Who are you, and what have you done with John McCain?

What exactly has happened to McCain lately?  Where has the moderate, reasonable, almost tolerable McCain disappeared to?   For all of you Republicans who aren’t so fond of being a republican lately, the ones who always ask me why I won’t vote for moderate republican candidates, take a look at McCain.  I’ve been fooled a few times by candidates who start out moderate, but get their sights set on power and a metamorphasis occurs.  Looks like its happening in McCain as well.

Read this article and tell me he hasn’t had a brain transplant. Launches Ad against McCain

I mean, really, Bomb Iran?  Sheesh.

But C’mon,, are you just so flush with money you can throw it away?  Is McCain actually a threat in the primaries?  As far as I can see, he’s a sinking ship that wasn’t that high afloat to begin with.

Gonzales comes clean?

Somehow, I seriously doubt that is what’s going to happen today.  Just this week he wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Post saying that “To to my knowledge, I did not make decisions about who should or should not be asked to resign.”  Seriously?  To My Knowledge?  Are we supposed to believe the “I forgot” thing again?

Well, today he testifies before the Senate committe investigating the matter.  Wonder what his excuse will be today?  The Dog ate my homework?

More on the expectations for his testimony at The Washington Post.  Watch his testimony live at The Washington Post Live Video.  See the wrap up of his testimony at Gonzales Defends Actions on US Attorney Firings.

 Update:  Tonight I sat in the waiting room at my son’s OT therapy appointment and watched the pundits cover the testimony today.  What inane idiots.  They kept asking the same question they have for weeks now, what are the methods in place to remove him from office, and the reply is always that he serves at the pleasure of the President.  The follwing comments are always that Bush is happy with his performance or testimony.  Of course he is, because GONZALES KNOWS WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED!  Gonzales has been with the President since his days in Texas.  Let’s face it, he knows the down and dirty dirt on George Bush, and I’m sure he’s not afraid to use it.  So of course the President, who prides himself on being surrounded by syncophantic ‘yes’ men, is very happy with his performance, because he won’t hear anything to the contrary.  Why should the truth get in the way of a perfectly good day?

Want to run for office?

Now you can.  Virtually, at least.  Seems the latest trend in online gaming are simulation games that let you run for a virtual office.  You can form committees, fundraise, create ads and get out the vote. 

It used to take a spotless record, a special ego, and lots and lots of sycophants around you to run for office.  Now you can do it with the click of a button, and enjoy it.  And of course we all now know that a spotless record is not necessary for political office.  Sometimes it seems that a blemished record is preferred. 

As a former campaign manager, I’m not sure how I feel about these.  I loved working on campaigns, but now that I’m out of the game, I’m pretty sure I don’t want back in.  But it might be fun to run a virtual campaign.  I know for sure I’m not paying for one of these games.  If I wanted to do something like that, I’d go back to work on a campaign again!

Okay, so for some of the free games. 

There is, where you register and create a virtual Presidential campaign.  Then there’s, where you create a virtual Senate candidate and campaign.  seems to be a popular one–The Washington Post  has endorsed its version of the games.  And if, like Mr. Know it All, you happen to be British, you can also take a crack at running for Prime Minister of Great Britain.  Hmm, considering that an election is imminent in Great Britain, might be a fun one to try.  I’d like to see someone come up with a credible candidate for the Tories.  Hasn’t been one since John Major.  Like The Political Machine, free demo versions are available.

The best appears to be The Political Machine, which in its full version is $20.  However, if you visit their download site, they do have a beta version that allows you to run a 12 week version for free.  You can create your own candidate, or choose a pre-existing candidate, like Reagan or Clinton, Kerry or Bush and run their campaign for President. 

Hmmm, for all of us armchair quarterbacks, this might be a lot of fun!  Some more political simulation game sites:


Democracy Game–another game that lets you choose the country you want to run.  Also modifiable, with local issues like Travellers in the UK, and so on.

As WOPR in Wargames said, Anyone want to play a game?