Inauguration deflation?

Who needs an inauguration?  We sure don’t!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Obama’s the president already.  Oh, I know, there’s this silly process still to happen called the Electoral College.  And yes, technically George W Bush is still president.  But in reality, Obama is already hit the ground running.  January 20th will be more of a symbolic date than an actual beginning.

He’s already named half his cabinet.  He’s already making Saturday radio addresses (via You-Tube, no less.)  He’s already shaping policies and affecting world markets.

Bush who?

Past, present and future

16 years ago today I voted in my first presidential election.  1992 was a historic year for many young adults.  It was the first time in a long time that any politician had paid attention to us.  And Bill Clinton and his team, they not only paid attention to us, they valued us.  Bill Clinton swept into office that night on a wave of optimism.  A country that was down, but not out, was determined to be something better.

Tomorrow, I see a similar choice.  I haven’t been a huge supporter of Barack Obama’s, but I definitely like what he stands for.  He hasn’t gone for the low blow during this election–and after years in the business, I’m impressed.  I thought he’d eventually wade into the mud, and I haven’t seen him do that.   Instead, I see Hope, Optimism, a promise to do what he can to make things better.

Even more, I see someone who is willing to tell us the hard truth even when we don’t want to hear it.  And goodness knows, we need that more than ever.

Plenty of politicians are playing the same old game.  The GOP doesn’t seem to get the situation they’re in.  I keep hearing the same old tired lines of 20 years ago.  Hang around KY and OH for long and you’ll hear words like Liberal, Tax and Spend, Pro Abortion, as if they had the same effect they had 10 years ago.  I see a lot of whining and negativity.  I even see outright lying in a few races.  And we’re finally the closest we’ve been in over 20 years of unseating McConnell–I can’t even say his name without my skin crawling.  His self-serving, smug, self-satisfied grin may actually be wiped off his face.  Nothing would please me more than handing him his hat tomorrow night.  If we can stomp on it along the way…even better.  (Yes, I’m normally nicer than that, but I really, really, really dislike Mitch.)

I can’t wait to see tomorrow night’s results.  I’m proud to take my 8 year old son to the polls with me tomorrow–where he is anxiously awaiting a chance to vote in the Kids Vote election.  I can’t wait to meet all my neighbors and see the record turnouts.  Its going to be a GREAT day for democracy!

The Sarah Palin conundrum

Okay, so there are many of them.  But this one, pointed out by one of my favorite pastors and bloggers, Ken Wilson, shows the conundrum facing many of Palin’s most conservative Christian followers.  How can they support her for president yet still hold the belief that women can’t pastor a church…….

A head shaking moment, to be sure. Head over to his blog and see what I mean.

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Bush the other night: “The Market isn’t functioning properly.”

Liar. The market’s functioning just the way its supposed to.

You just don’t like the results.

There are consequences to our actions. Warnings were given, for years. You didn’t listen, and now things are blowing up in your face. Time to face the music.

Unfortunately, its the people who are now paying the price.

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Massive Economic Bailout

By now we’ve all seen the news that we’re going to be taking drastic measures to buy out all the bad debt that financial institutions hold.  Reactions have been mixed, and I haven’t really figured out how I feel about it.  On one hand, something needs to be done.  On the other, I don’t have a lot of faith in this current government.

And Secretary Paulson isn’t inspiring much confidence either.  You can see his interview with George Stephanopoulos yesterday, where he stammers and doesn’t appear so sure of what he’s doing.

My doubts…

  1. Paulsen (and the GOP) say we have to stabilize the system first, then figure out how we got here and how to prevent it in the future.  Somehow, that seems backwards!
  2. Paulsen will have huge amounts of control over our financial system and over billions of dollars of our taxpayer money.  He hasn’t inspired my confidence so far…and if he can’t figure out how we got here, who says he can manage money well?
  3. As it stands, CEO’s and executives who gambled and lost will continue to receive huge paychecks and bonuses, even though they created a huge mess!

On how we got here, this is where I have the biggest problem.  We know how we got here.  There have been many warnings, and many who were poo-poo’d when they warned that we were racing towards this.  We not only let people buy things they didn’t have the money for, we encouraged them.  More than that, we threw ‘money’ at them to do it.  Only it wasn’t real money!  Its like we had a giant game of Monopoly going on–with lots of paper money holding up the system.  No one ever felt like anything was out of their reach.  Only it all came crashing down, and every one of the taxpayers is being left holding the bag.  In every single one of these failures, it all comes back to a credit crisis–one we knew was going to happen.  I’ve been saying it for 10 years.  So have many others.  And if I can see it (I’m no financial expert), then why can’t the Treasury Secretary?  Why is it that a week ago Paulsen was saying we didn’t need a buyout, but now we do?  Why should we trust someone who doesn’t have a clue what is going on?

I totally agree something needs to be done.  I’m not arguing that.  And I’m pretty comfortable with the idea that the government should step in.  Its just the logistics that make me very uneasy.  This is not an administration that I trust.  They do nothing to inspire confidence on a daily basis.  I also want to know why we can spend a trillion dollars to help out the financial industry who made bad decisions, but helping out homeowners who were snowed by the system is out of bounds?  Why?  Those in the financial industry knew better.  Many caught in foreclosure didn’t.  Why can we help those who profited, but not those who are losing everything?

I’m also waiting for the hypocrisy.  Supply-side, Reaganomics will re-emerge from this roll in the hay with socialism.  And we will hear again how horrible people like FDR were, and how government ruins everything. I’m waiting for the selective memory to forget that all of this happened with a Republican, supply-side, reagonomics president in the White House.

Paging Buffet, Warren Buffet.  To Capitol Hill, STAT!


I’ve been offline for several days due to the wind damage in the Cincinnati region, but I just had to post this!  I know its a few days old…but it really makes the point.  One of the funniest, savviest political satire pieces I’ve seen in a long time!

Update:  It looks like YouTube had removed that video.  Here's a direct link to the clip on NBC's site.  Go check it out, its worth a look!

A Whole Lotta Squealing Going On..

All kinds of nonsense today over a comment about a pig.  Namely, when Obama called McCain’s claims to be an agent of change and a maverick a “Pig with lipstick on it.”

Now, the media and the GOP are having a field day, because apparently Palin now owns the word ‘lipstick.’  Or somehow they think she’s a pig.  I’m not sure which is right…but they’ve made the assumption its Palin, even though he nowhere alludes to her.

Wanna know why they’re squealing?  Because they’ve got nothing else to talk about.  They have no policies that change anything from the way they are.  They talk change, but how exactly do you change a system that you’ve been in control of for 8 years?  They know they can’t compete on the issues.  Their polling clearly tells them that.  They know that the longer Obama stays on message, the worse it is for them.  So mantra #1 for the GOP will be “Get Obama off-message.”  Why?  Because the more time he spends talking about stupid things like if Palin’s a pig, the less time he has to actually show voters what Change really is.  The media eats this stuff up.  The GOP decided that Palin is the ticket to winning–so any time the media spends talking about her, especially where the mean old man is attacking the woman, even better!  For a self-described pitbull, she sure likes to play the victim a lot!

Double Standards

Politicians and their minions are well known for speaking out of both sides of their mouths.  When it comes to this campaign, no other adage is more true.  I don’t have to argue this–I’ll let them speak for themselves:

From The Daily Show, Karl Rove on experience, Dick Morris on sexism and O’Reilly on teen pregnancy.

And Joe Scarborough’s (and team) reaction to Palen’s being the VP choice:

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Brilliant move

You may not like Sara Palin.  And you may be wondering what the heck is up with McCain choosing someone with so much baggage.  But what they’re doing is brilliant.

Within hours of getting to know her, ‘leaks’ began of things that might not be great about her.  All of her dirty laundry has been aired.  Many wonder if she’s really that great.  But what’s really happening is a political ploy called ‘innoculating.’  They are getting out all of her dirty laundry now, while not too many of you are paying attention.  Labor Day weekend coupled with a major hurricane in Louisiana met to provide the perfect ‘dump’ period.  Let it all hang out, and in a few days, it will all be old news.  Then they can introduce you to her at the convention and paint the picture they want you to see.  All the bad, nasty stuff will be in the past.  If anyone brings it up, it will be “Look, we’ve already dealt with this.  Why won’t they let us move on?”  Its brilliant!

That is, as long as this is all there is….

What the heck is up at MSNBC?

Chris Matthews used to be great.  He used to be kind and humble, at least for someone who’s been around the political block as much as he has.

Not anymore.  Ego reigns on all fronts over at MSNBC.  If you don’t agree with Matthews you are cut off, eyes are rolling or you’re laughed at and belittled.  Matthews crossed the line several times, with more seasoned veterans like Brokaw and the late Russert trying to reign it all in.  Olbermann joined in, as did Scarborough.  While they didn’t always agree, egos reigned and flared.

Now it seems like a free-for-all.  Its a huge ratings time during the convention, and all three spend much of their air time sniping at each other or their guests.  Its not pretty.

See this montage from YouTube for clips:

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Here’s a bit from the Daily Show, pretty funny!

And this article from the Wall Street Journal.