A Whole Lotta Squealing Going On..

All kinds of nonsense today over a comment about a pig.  Namely, when Obama called McCain’s claims to be an agent of change and a maverick a “Pig with lipstick on it.”

Now, the media and the GOP are having a field day, because apparently Palin now owns the word ‘lipstick.’  Or somehow they think she’s a pig.  I’m not sure which is right…but they’ve made the assumption its Palin, even though he nowhere alludes to her.

Wanna know why they’re squealing?  Because they’ve got nothing else to talk about.  They have no policies that change anything from the way they are.  They talk change, but how exactly do you change a system that you’ve been in control of for 8 years?  They know they can’t compete on the issues.  Their polling clearly tells them that.  They know that the longer Obama stays on message, the worse it is for them.  So mantra #1 for the GOP will be “Get Obama off-message.”  Why?  Because the more time he spends talking about stupid things like if Palin’s a pig, the less time he has to actually show voters what Change really is.  The media eats this stuff up.  The GOP decided that Palin is the ticket to winning–so any time the media spends talking about her, especially where the mean old man is attacking the woman, even better!  For a self-described pitbull, she sure likes to play the victim a lot!