Brilliant move

You may not like Sara Palin.  And you may be wondering what the heck is up with McCain choosing someone with so much baggage.  But what they’re doing is brilliant.

Within hours of getting to know her, ‘leaks’ began of things that might not be great about her.  All of her dirty laundry has been aired.  Many wonder if she’s really that great.  But what’s really happening is a political ploy called ‘innoculating.’  They are getting out all of her dirty laundry now, while not too many of you are paying attention.  Labor Day weekend coupled with a major hurricane in Louisiana met to provide the perfect ‘dump’ period.  Let it all hang out, and in a few days, it will all be old news.  Then they can introduce you to her at the convention and paint the picture they want you to see.  All the bad, nasty stuff will be in the past.  If anyone brings it up, it will be “Look, we’ve already dealt with this.  Why won’t they let us move on?”  Its brilliant!

That is, as long as this is all there is….