Biden? Really??

Really?  After all this fanfare and buildup, Obama chooses Biden?

You can hear the question marks going up all over the country, and the feeling of lackluster and letdown.  No one will be overwhelmed with the wonderfulness of Biden.

Its really not the smartest decision.  Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE Biden.  He’s a good guy and I think he’d do a good job as Vice President.  However….as a campaign decision….not so great.

Biden says too much.  He’s beloved on the Sunday morning talk circuit for being easygoing, nice, and very smart.  He makes a good soundbite.  Problem is, he makes a good soundbite.  Not always in a good way.  He’s known for putting his foot in his mouth.

And Biden won’t help with the electoral map.  Obama already will carry the Northeast.  Biden won’t help much with the south, short of being a white male.  There’s a reason why he’s historically one of the first to drop out of presidential races–because as nice as he is, as smart as he is, he’s not a huge vote getter.

So that leaves many feeling underwhelmed and scratching their heads.  Biden?  Really??