Who are we, anyway?

What exactly happened to the American Dream?

Once upon a time it meant everything to Americans.  It was a collective push towards a better life, one that involved innovation, creatitivity and hard work.  We were always looking for newer and better ways to do things.  We sought to build something and hand it down to our children–and that included a world that was worth living in.  In involved teaching manners and rules and discipline, along with hopes and dreams, vision and drive.

Now the American Dream is a rotten form of its old self.  What does a ‘better life’ look like now?  Big homes, fast cars, lots of expensive clothes, convenience and ease.  We do what feels good.  We look out for Number One, because isn’t that the American Dream?  To live better than everyone else does?  We want everything to be quick and easy.

What a trap.

Can you imagine what our country would be like if instead of sitting and pointing fingers, assigning blame and doing the ‘woe is me’ dance, we had the old American Dream?  We’d be finding our way out of this mess, creating long-term solutions that didn’t create new ones.  (As putting 400 lbs of corn into one tank of Ethanol has done.)  We’d have a can-do attitude, and not one that wants anyone but us to do something.  Can you imagine what we’d be like if we weren’t letting China buy us piece by piece so we can afford oil from the very people who want to destroy us?  And can you imagine what our country would be like if we all weren’t so happy to sit back and let it go on as long as we have Drive-thru at McDonalds and 150 channels on tv?