My “haul”

It was a VERY good day!  I had a local news camera crew following me around today while I shopped at Kroger and Target.  I had my runs carefully planned out, as always.  And as always, other things came up or they were sold out.  So we improvised.  All in all, I’m very pleased!

We went to Kroger and my first total came to $135, and after coupons it was at $58.  I typed in my Kroger plus card number and the total went down to $13.xx!!  (Plus $8 back in Catalinas)  The manager of the store was great–he was celebrating my success along with everyone else!  It was a lot of fun!

We went to Target where I had a smaller but still successful run.  $51.xx down to $6.xx after coupons.  We scared some poor cashier to death–she wasn’t warned at all we were coming!

After those successes, I decided to swing by Kroger again this evening.  Again, total came to $107, and I paid $17 oop. 

So, for the grand total of $37, I got all these things:



What you can’t see are 10 pkgs of Ball Park Beef Franks, 8 pkgs of Kraft sliced sharp cheddar singles, 4 half gallon Breyers Ice Cream and 3 12 packs of Coke!  All for $37!!!