P&G Prices Rising

Today P&G announced that they will rise prices on their products 16% in September.  16%!!!!  That’s after raising their prices 6% already in 2008!  That means that in September, a bottle of Tide will cost 22% more than it did in January!

If you are not stockpiling, now is the time to start!  Look at it as a financial investment–where else will you get a 16% return on your investment?  And if you take advantage of sales and coupons that are readily available, your savings will be even higher!

Oh, I know we stockpilers sound like a bunch of crazy Y2K’ers.  I personally started stockpiling because it made more sense to pay .50 each for 40 boxes of cereal than to take advantage of the sale once, buying 2 boxes, and then returning to paying $3.50 a box.  But now, as prices rise, I’m seeing a huge return on my investment.  My series ‘I have $10, What do I buy?’ is geared towards that type of investment.  For $10 a week you too can have a huge return!  Just this week alone, for your $10 investment you get  $52.50 worth of food.  And its a slow week!  Now, let’s multiply that out over a year…for $10 a week, over one year, you will get an average of $2500 worth of food!

Okay, so one company is raising their prices.  Big deal.  How much will that affect me?  Here’s a sample list of P&G products:

Head and Shoulders


Oil of Olay









Oral B

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head.  Here’s a link to a full list of P&G products.  If you consider that on a bottle of shampoo alone, you will see a price hike of .62 a bottle, that’s a huge increase!  Tide will go up on average of .96.  Downy? .90.  As you can see, it will add up very quickly!

I know a lot of you are worried about storage space.  Clean out under your beds and store there.  Find room in your basements, in your laundry rooms, under sinks and other places.  In the long run, you will appreciate it!