Contest on HotCouponWorld

Have you ever checked out HotCouponWorld?  They’re one of my favorite places to find deals.  If its hot, and its legal, its over there!  Every store, from CVS to Kroger to Best Buy to Bed Bath and Beyond, they have a spot for them and for their recent deals!  Their best feature is the coupon database.  If you want to know what coupons are available for a product you want to buy, type it into their database and up pops every possible coupons!  Peelies, blinkies, Catalinas, printables and inserts.  And MORE!  Its a great tool when you’re looking through the ads!  Add in the Target coupon generator and you’ve got one of my favorite sites!  Best of all, its all free!

This week they’re running a contest in the Kroger thread for who can refer the most people.  I’m up in the running for a free envelope stuffed full of some rockin’ coupons!  Now, for many of you that may not be a huge deal.  But since most everything in our home is provided through a coupon deal, and HCW is offering up some pretty hot coupons, I’m asking for your help.  Sign up for HotCouponWorld (you’ll appreciate it, I promise!) and then head over to the Kroger thread and let em know LittleMissKnowitAll referred you!  You’ll get the best coupon site loaded with tons of cool tools, and I’ll get a huge envelope of great q’s!

Oh, and while you’re there, check out the ad scans for Walgreens and CVS for the next few weeks.  Yes, they’re that good, they have future ads!