Couponing 101–I only have $10, What do I Buy?

At first glance, it looks like a slow week.  But as I go through the deals, its a pretty good week, especially at Meijer, Kroger and Target!  But make some choices….because if you only have $10, you won’t be able to get it all!

Okay, here are my picks if you only have $10:


General Mills cereals are on sale for $1.88.  With various q’s that double to $1, each box should be about .88!  Find coupons on,,,, and in recent papers.  This is a stock up price!


Free pasta this week!  Meijer pasta is .50 each with a .50 off 1 printable on!  (Look under specials)  Many stores limit you to 6 per transaction

Free chips!  meijer brand chips are 10/10, with a $1 off Salty Snacks coupon on Mealbox.  According to Meijer employees I spoke with, the q works on ANY Meijer chips!

Last, the Meijer organic mushrooms are on sale for $1 a pkg.  Mealbox has .50 off q’s, making them $1/2.  I’ll saute them up and freeze them for future recipes…

GM cereals .88 x 10=8.88

Meijer pasta free x 6 = free

Meijer chips free x 6 = free

Meijer Mushrooms x 2=1

total before sales tax:  $9.88!!