Other good deals this week…

I’m seeing Walgreens has their store-brand diapers pretty cheap.  Now we’re out of diapers at the KnowitAll house, and we’re definitely enjoying that!  But for those of you still buying the suckers, here’s a pretty good deal!

Wags (walgreens) has their brand for $5.99 a pack this week.  At the front of the store, pick up an EasySaver booklet for July.  (right next to the ads)  Flip through it and find the coupon for $5 off 2 packs.  Get three packs of diapers (the coupon will adjust to the right amount–wags computers are smart!) and head to the register.  You’ll pay $11.50 out of pocket (oop) and get $5 in Register Rewards back.  (Register Rewards are $5 coupons you can use on your next order.  Just not on diapers–it doesn’t “roll.”)  So for $11.50 oop you get 3 packs of diapers and $5 to spend on something else–medicines, milk, cereal, whatever you need!

I’m also seeing that pizza rolls are 10/10 at Kroger–if you have .50 off coupons or higher, pull em out.  Those babies are FREE!