Sticking like Glue

Obama has done a great job of defining himself.  And in politics, that’s a key factor–define yourself, before your opponent does.  Until recently I would have said that McCain had also done a great job defining himself–the Maverick, Independent, POW.  Funny, likeable.  Straight-talking.  Those are all descriptions applied to McCain over the past 8 years that instantly come to mind.  Great branding!

But his branding must be slipping, because Sunday, all I heard from his reps was panic.  They were all over Obama’s people trying to show how independent McCain was and Obama is not.  I’m not going to get into the middle of that debate.  However, it piqued my curiosity.  His reps on the Sunday morning circuit had their talking points down to a T.  And every single one of them were hyper-sensitive in repeating that McCain bucks his party when he does what he thinks is right for the country.  Something in the polls must have them VERY scared.  Because after all the sucking up they’ve done to the more conservative branch of the GOP, suddenly they are all pointing out that he’s NOT like Bush and that he does things separate from his party.  Interesting….