Stockpiling 101: Week 5–I have $10, what do I buy?

Its a quiet week, but these two small deals are definitely worth the time!

Both are at Walgreens this week.  Band Aids, boxes of 30 or 40 (they’re marked) are only .99.  (normally $1.99)  There is a coupon for $1 off any Band Aid from a recent Sunday paper.  This makes them free!  Reynolds Wrap, 20 ft rolls, are $.89 with a Walgreens coupon.  (Get the coupon in store in the weekly ad)  There are coupons available online (via ebay, couponclippers or more) for $1.50 off two, making them only $.14 a roll! 

I’d buy:

20 boxes of Band Aids–Free!

20 boxes of Reynolds Wrap–$4

That leaves you $6 to stock up on milk or meat for your freezer.  Buy a gallon or two of milk,  or a couple pounds of meat, and freeze it for a later date! 

Couple of quick notes for regular readers.  LMKIA will be in the Cincinnati Enquirer this Wednesday, in the Life section, talking about coupons and stockpiling!  Also, I will be offering a class in couponing and savings techniques.  The class will be June 29th at 3 pm, at the Vineyard Church in Florence.  The cost is $10.  I’ll have more details soon!