Obama–The Hillary Problem

Ky voted this week in a Presidential Primary–the first time in decades that our votes actually mattered.  Even then, the punditry has declared the race over, so it didn’t matter as much as we would have liked.  However, it was great that we could at least pretend to have a say in the race.

And Hillary won KY.  Which poses a very interesting question for Obama and his camp.  Why, after its been declared statistically impossible, most improbable, for Hillary to win, does she continue to do so well?   This is no Huckabee or Paul hanging on to the very end.  She is still drawing hundred of thousands, even millions, of voters!

Why is this so?  If Obama is drawing tens of thousands of people to his rallies, why is he not winning by blowout margins?  Kentucky and West Virginia are not the only states where it was close or where Hillary won.  Its happening in diverse states, long after her campaign was declared DOA.  Voters in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania knew that it was a long-shot for her to win.  Why then did so many vote for her?

We all know people like to be on the side of a winner.  That’s where the adage “jumping on the bandwagon” applies in politics.  We all know that to win, you need to project the image of a winner.  And Obama has that image.  Hillary does not.  So with that in mind, why does she continue to win?

This is a big issue for Obama.  If he doesn’t “get it” and see why she remains attractive to millions of voters, he will really struggle in November.  I don’t think the big worry is blue-collar Democrats switching sides and voting for McCain.  I think the bigger worry is this–they just might stay home on election day.  And knowing the GOP Get Out the Vote machine, that’s a scary thought!