Stockpiling Week 3: I only have $10, what do I buy?

When it comes to grocery deals, its a VERY slow week.  I see that Kroger has the buy one get one Eggo deal running until May 26th.  So if you haven’t already stocked up, order those .55 off 1 Eggo coupons NOW and stock up!!!

I also hear that there is a decent diaper deal at Target.  Target has a $3 coupon off Pampers and wipes, and there are many Pampers coupons floating around.  I believe it makes diapers $6 each.  Not something I’d label a “stock up” price, but if you have babies, I’d definitely get more than one or two.  If you need Target coupons, you can get them at  I’m watching Target closely to see if they run a gift card deal soon on diapers.  Typically when they put out a Pampers and wipes coupon, a gift card deal pops up before the coupon expires.  Gift Card deals brings the price way down, so I’ll be watching and let you know if I find any.

I also want to apologize to anyone who tried to go buy the Automatic Shower Cleaner for free and couldn’t.  It wasn’t as good of a deal as I’d read–it seems the $5 instant rebate was actually a manufacturer coupon, meaning that you weren’t able to use your $10 coupon as well.  Its one of the few deals I’ve posted without actually trying it myself, and it wasn’t what it was advertised.  I apologize!

Now, down to this week’s best deals.  The best one I’ve found is at Walgreens.  Walgreens has been expanding their rebate program, to include rebates that print after you purchase certain orders.  No mailing in–you get a printed coupon that takes that amount off your next order.  They are called Register Rewards.  (RR for short.)  This week’s RR deal involves Proctor and Gamble, everyone’s favorite brands!  There’s Cascade, Febreeze, Crest, CoverGirl, Oil of Olay and much more!  You need to see the ad for all the details, but here’s the lowdown–Crest ProHealth is free.  Covergirl is Buy One get One half off.  There are three deals here.  I’d go to ebay and spend  a few extra dollars on some coupons! Pick one of the first two and work with the third one for free!  All of these deals are what we’d call “Money Makers!”

Deal 1:  Crest Pro Health–total after coupons (AC) $4.50

Buy 9 Crest Pro Health toothpastes 2/$5

Use 9 .50 off 1 Crest from Sunday’s P&G

Use 1 Walgreens $3/2 Crest Pro Health coupons.  (One coupon will ring for all 9–and adjust for the odd number.)

Receive $20 in RR back!


Deal 2:  Cover Girl–total AC is $6.xx

Buy 5 $2.99 products (eyeliner, makeup pads, etc)

Buy 1 $5.99 blush

Use 1 free blush when you buy 3 CG products

Use 2 2.50 off 2 CG products

Use 1 $1 off any CG product

Receive $20 in RR back!


Deal 3:  Venus or Fusion Razor–free AC!

Buy one Venus or Fusion Razor

Add in $4 “filler” (this are items you want to purchase outside the deal.  Milk, eggs, etc.)

Use $4 off Venus (or $4 off Fusion if you have one)

Use $10 RR from P&G deal

Receive $6 RR back!


I don’t need that much CoverGirl, you say?  Sure you do!  Do you have daughters?  They have glittery nail polish for $3.99 (50% off second bottle) and we all know how little girls love to sparkle!  Stock up on makeup staples–eyeliner, mascara, makeup pads, pencil sharpeners and more.  Everything is of varying prices, but its a great deal.  And you get free blush!

A few caveats–RR expire quickly, so pay attention to the end date that prints on your receipts.  They also do not “roll.”  Meaning, you cannot use a $10 RR from the P&G deal to pay for the CoverGirl deal.  However, you can use the P&G RR on the Venus/Fusion deal, and vice versa.  Last thing, I have discovered that you can also use your RR for gift cards!  RR will not give you money back, so make sure your total is over the amount of RR you want to use.  Gift Cards are a great way to extend the life of your RR.  Keep track of the RR deals each week, and you should be able to keep accumulating them week after week!  One of the best things about Walgreens and CVS instant rebate systems is that you should never pay full price (or anything close to it) for shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant or razors again!  In fact, it should be free from now on!

This week’s deals add up to about $11, before the purchase of coupons.  Hope that helps everyone!