Problems with coupons at Meijer

I’ve had some trouble recently at Meijer, and as I talk to my fellow couponers, I’m finding out I’m not alone.  In a nutshell, what’s happening is that they do not have a consistent coupon policy.  For all appearances, it looks like they do.  Its clearly printed on the front of their weekly circulars.  However, getting them to follow it is something else entirely.

Their circulars state that they will double up to two like coupons, and any further like coupons will be redeemed at face value.  There is no mention of limits or limiting to reasonable family quantities as other stores do.  Simply “all other like coupons will be redeemed at face value.”  Like coupons mean the same coupon used more than once.

Now, what will happen if you go in and buy 10 of one item and plan on using 10 coupons?  Who knows?!?  Its a different reaction every time.  Some people have cashiers who happily allow it.  Others report being tsk-tsked at about using a coupon for every item.  Still many more report inconsistent practices–denying over 2, over 6, over 8.  Depends on the manager’s mood.

This happened to me this week–twice.  The first time I was told 2 coupons.  When I pressed someone else said 6.  When I refused to take that answer (since their written policy had no limit) the store manager told me its whatever he feels like.  Sometimes 10, sometimes 12, or even 20.  But its up to his mood.

This week Meijer has added coupons to their website.  Many are reporting that they aren’t scanning properly at the stores.  While most cashiers are pushing them through, shoppers are getting an earful about misuse of coupons.  I had a cashier follow me through the self-checkout spouting off about the evils of the internet and coupons.

Meijer has some great deals.  But their inconsistencies are driving us coupon shoppers nuts!  There is a HUGE difference between being able to use 2 coupons and being able to use 10.  They do not care if we purchase 10 boxes of pasta–but don’t try to use 10 coupons on them.  (These were manufacturer coupons that the store would be fully reimbursed on–and a buy 10 deal–they encourage you to buy in quantity!)  I don’t mind working within limits–no honest couponer does.  However, limits need to be clear and enforced so that we can know what we’re working with.  This presents customer frustration and gives the cashier some support to fall back on.

Meijer, you need to develop some sort of corporate policy on this.  In this tight economy, you need every shopper you can get!