Stockpiling Week 2: I have $10, what do I buy?

Relatively speaking, this has been a quiet week for super stockpiling deals. The General Mills deal has moved to Kmart–however, they do not double coupons, so its not as good as last week’s deal of 4 boxes for $1. The best you can do is 4 boxes for $4. Its a good investment, but not a heavy stockpiling deal.

However, there are some good deals floating out there. Here are my picks this week:

20 boxes of Eggo Waffles–Kroger–$5

6 boxes of Pasta–Meijer–free

1 Free Automatic Shower Cleaner

4 whole chickens–Hebron Kroger–$4.50

That’s $9.50. I spent the extra .50 on Meijer Frozen French Fries!

Eggos–These are buy one get one free at Kroger until next Sunday. Go online and find 20 coupons for .55 off one Eggo product. The coupon doubles to $1. I was able to get 10 boxes and use 10 coupons at my Kroger. 20 boxes=$5.10

Meijer Pasta. Go to and click on the Specials tab. Now click on the coupons tab. There are several good coupons available–Meijer frozen potatoes makes a bag only .69. Meijer frozen vegetables makes bags only .50. But the best is the Meijer pasta coupon–.50 off a box, which is priced this week only at .50 a box! That makes the Pasta free!

Kroger Whole Chickens–The new Hebron Kroger has whole chickens on sale for only .29 a pound! Roasted chicken is one of my standby’s–I make it all the time. In three years of following chicken prices, I have never seen it below .59 a pound. I went today and stocked up on 6 chickens. With your $4.5o left, you can get 4 whole chickens! In our family, those are two meals each–so that’s 8 dinners for under $5!

Free Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner–thanks to for the info! This week at Dollar General they have the Automatic Shower Cleaner on sale for $15 with a $5 instant rebate. Add in the $10 coupon in the paper a few weeks back, and its free!

Now I know a lot of you are new to stockpiling and are wondering exactly what I’m going to be doing with 20 boxes of Eggos. Well, this is a big part of stockpiling. They are normally $2.59 each. I paid $2.55 for 10 boxes! Between last month’s poptart and cereal deals, and this week’s Eggo deals, I won’t be buying breakfast foods for the kids for about a year! Other than things like eggs, sausage and occasionally a muffin mix, there’s not much else for me to buy. That’s one whole meal taken out of my monthly grocery budget, for a year. I spent less than $30 on 25 boxes of Kroger poptarts, 42 boxes of General Mills cereals (cheerios, mainly) and 20 boxes of Eggo’s. That’s a 90% savings. If I’d paid regular price, the entire lot would total well over $300. That’s the kind of savings that stockpiling during big deals can bring!

One last deal to consider:  If you live near the Hebron Kroger, transfer a prescription there!  Right now they are offering a deal for $20 for the first transferred prescription, $30 for the second and $60 for the third!  That’s right, $120 for three transferred prescriptions!  The money goes onto your Kroger Plus card to be used at your discretion in the future.  It works just like a gift card.  You have to ask for the deal at the pharmacy–but they give it out willingly!  Nothing like a little kickback for the high cost of medicine these days!

Have a Great Weekend!!