How to Save Big $$ on Groceries and More!

littlemissknowitalld1.jpgI think I get the most hits and questions on saving money at the grocery. People are always astounded at how little we spend here in the KnowitAll household on our basic supplies. Which puzzles me, because its really not that hard!

So, I decided I would put together a tutorial–How to Save Big $$ on Your Everyday Expenses!

So, why are people so astounded? Well, the average american household with 2 parents and 2 kids spends approximately $700-$800 a month on groceries and toiletries. I spend about $150-$200 a month–that’s two adults, two kids, one cat. That’s pretty much three meals a day, seven days a week. And 90% of the items in our home is not generic–it is all name brand!

So here are the basic steps, which I will expound on in individual posts:

1. Make a monthly menu and shopping list. This will cut about $100 of wasteful spending out of your budget.

2. Begin cooking in bulk. This will cut another $50-$100 out of your budget, just in eating out costs alone!

3. Stockpile–when you find something on sale at a more-than-average savings, buy a healthy supply of it. This is the biggest money saver of them all–saving us around $200 a month!

I am not some sort of super woman. I am not more organized than the rest of the population! (Just ask Mr KnowitAll about this and you’re likely to get an essay!) This is not brain surgery! YOU, yes YOU, You can do it!!