The “new” Democrat?

Last night and this morning I’ve been having some interesting conversations with some nice ladies on a discussion board I belong to.  And I wanted to bring this discussion here to ask you, my friends and readers, about it.

Last night and this morning I was being accused of being a Republican in sheep’s clothing.  That is, of being a republican pretending to be a democrat.  Their reasoning?  Because I asked serious questions, repeatedly, about Obama and Hillary on the message boards.  And oh yes, because I used the term Democrat instead of Democratic–somehow I was a republican operative using the word Democrat to surreptitiously suggest that Democrats were rats.  Yes you see, we now parse words and are so afraid of the Republicans that “Democrat”=Rat.  :shakes head unbelievably:

Now, never was I rude.  Never did I once spout anything even close to a Republican belief.  But because I questioned Obama (mainly) on his connection with Wright, or Rezko, or wanting to know about his history to back up his credentials, I’m supposed to be a republican?  I’ve spent much time posting there, and here, and linking the two places, about my beliefs and my concerns.  So my beliefs have never been hidden, nor have my concerns.

When exactly did we become the party that can’t tolerate a good debate?  When exactly did we become the party that must fall into lock-step and agree with each other 100%?  Why is it such a bad thing that we have two extremely good candidates that are really energizing the electorate far into April and May?  Why is it such a dire thing that we ask questions of them, that we have an open debate about our beliefs, our failings, our heartbreaks and our hopes for the future?  Why is this primary such a bad thing for us?

Isn’t this what we’ve always said we are?  A party of inclusion, a party that wants to discuss the issues and backgrounds substantively?

Or is it just that we’ve always wanted it, but haven’t experienced it in a long, long time?  Do we not remember how much fun this is?  Are we so afraid of the Republicans that we can’t be who we are, for fear they might ‘get us’?

Who cares what McCain is doing right now?  Right now the fun, the best part of political life, is in the Democrat Tent.   We haven’t had this much fun in a long, long time!  We have two great candidates!  Both have their failings, both have their strengths.  But right now, the focus is on us, we are drawing millions of new voters into the process, and we are having a great time at it!  Why all the hand wringing, head holding, worry and consternation?

Look, if you doubt my credentials or my beliefs, take a gander through the pages here.  There’s 16 months of my ramblings to let you know just where I stand.  I can’t do anything more than stand on my record.