Idiots–Bill Cunningham. Enough said.

Plain and simple. Whomever at the McCain campaign decided that it was a good idea for Bill Cunningham to open for McCain, they’re an idiot. There is no way that McCain and Cunningham ever belong within 10 miles of each other–they are total opposites. In fact, if I didn’t know what an attention hound Cunningham is, I would be absolutely amazed he even agreed to be in the same airspace as McCain.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cunningham, think of every bad right-wing radio shock jock you’ve ever heard, then dial it up a notch or two and you’ve got Cunningham. Think UN conspiracies. That’s this wacko. He lives off making controversial statements.

So, here’s what Cunningham said at the rally in Cincinnati yesterday:

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Now, in McCain’s defense, he did denounce and publicly apologize for Cunningham’s remarks. I’m guessing he wasn’t in the room at the time Cunningham made them, because he didn’t apologize until after the rally was over.

Here’s Cunningham’s response:

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He’s eating this up. He’s enjoying the national spotlight, and the fact that McCain looks bad. At least in his eyes.