Obama in Ohio, part 2

Here’s the second wonder I have about Obama…

If he’s raising this much money, and drawing in unheard of crowds at every rally, why the heck isn’t he blowing away Hillary on election day?

The man came to speak at the University of Cincinnati yesterday.  Lines were enormous.  Apparently 12,000 people showed up.  And its like that wherever he goes.  So, who are these 12,000 potential voters?  When Hillary has a rally, she has them in much smaller venues–say a few hundred people.  Same with McCain–a few hundred, maybe 1000 people at his rallies.  Its boggling–if this many people will stand out in the cold and snow to see Obama, why isn’t this race locked up anymore?

I know, I know, I sound like I’m not a fan of Obama’s.  Truth is, I’m not a big fan of Hillary’s either.  I want to vote for Obama, but something just isn’t right.  What he says is fantastic.  The man is a communication director’s dream.  Seriously, I watch him and think “Wow!!!  We got another one!”  (His speechmaking skills remind me of Bill Clinton’s–not in style, but in ability to draw in the listener into agreement with his ideas.)  Its a rare talent, and one I’m impressed by.

Hillary–well, I like Hillary.  She’s a woman fighting for causes I believe in.  She seems to know how to play the game.  But again, I come back to the idea that her candidacy was created by the media, and I just don’t like being manipulated by the media.  I come back to the fact that there are conservatives out there licking their lips, salivating at the carnage they will feed on when she becomes the nominee.

One last thought (more rambling, I know)–I like that Obama draws such large crowds.  That shows that large numbers of people are being drawn into the political process.   That makes my little heart go pitter patter, thinking of all the new voters, all the new activists drawn to the idea of Changing the world for the better.  If only I could believe that he will deliver…

The election is a week away.  I wonder what will happen…..