Lies, truths, and half-lies….the political game

I am a jumble of frustration this morning, and for once it isn’t directed at a particular candidate.   I’m frustrated with the news media, and with both candidates.

I know, that’s no surprise, but I’m fed up with the way they are manipulating americans.  We know better, yet we buy into their garbage hook line and sinker.

Forgive me if I ramble, but I’m annoyed.  At many things.

First, I do not know who I’m supporting.  First Richardson drops out, then Edwards.  So I’m left with Obama or Hillary.  I’ll start with Hillary–I like her, always have, but I have felt from the beginning that her campaign was created by the media 6 years ago, with their constant bleating that she would be running.  I feel that they created her candidacy in the first place, with their never-ending stories on how much the party insiders loved her.  Well, duh, of course we like her–she went to bat for us on Health care and other issues back before it was popular to be on the health care bandwagon.  But, and this is a big but, there are so many people who love to hate Hillary.  I have never felt her candidacy had much of a chance beyond the Democrat primaries.  And I have said from the very beginning (I said it here a year ago) that the media has planned this from day one–build up her candidacy, make her legitimate through the constant reporting on her candidacy (long before anyone else was even in the race, she was the “front runner”), just so they could watch her fall.  They wanted the feeding frenzy that is going on now.  Again, I’m not a Hillary supporter.  But to watch how they are tanking her candidacy right now, sickens me.  As Obama has risen, they have taken great pleasure in telling you over and over again how she is going to fail.  They no longer report evenly–its how Obama is soaring, and then how the stars must align just so for Hillary to win.  They dissect every nuance to make it appear a lot more important than it is.  This is the media, I’m used to it.  But, its seriously skewing the elections.  People who otherwise would have a choice to make, feel that they would be wasting their vote on her.  No one wants to align with a loser.  We all want to say we voted for the winner!  I feel sorry for her.  Because she is running a great campaign–she is talking about the issues, she is answering questions directly and forthrightly.  She isn’t taking abuse lying down, and she is being positive at the same time.  Its quite the campaign, and doesn’t deserve what its receiving.

Obama, Obama, I don’t know what to say about Obama.  I like his speeches.  He says the right things.  I’ve said here before that we are due for a President who will cast vision and bring the nation together.  This doesn’t mean agreeing on everything–that’s never happened before in our country.  But vision casting–that happens about every 20 years, and while we may disagree on the details, we agree on the vision.  And I think Obama is doing that.

My qualms come in wanting to know if he will deliver what he is promising.  And from what I’m seeing, I don’t know that he can.  He’s promising quite a lot.  I’ve sent out inquiries to his campaign and others, to know his record.  The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  So, I want to know, will he deliver?  Has he promised change before, and has he delivered it?  Give me specifics.  Frustratingly, no one is answering.  Or if they do, they tell me I’m asking them to predict the future, dodging the nuts and bolts of my question.  Here’s my counter–let’s say we elect him.   He swears the oath of office, and takes off running to accomplish his goal.  Obama, meet the brick wall.  See Obama slam his head against the brick wall over and over again.  Welcome to Washington, DC, the Pennsylvania Avenue end.  Now, if Obama is inexperienced, that is as far as he will get.  But, if he is experienced, if he’s built coalitions before, he will know how to go over the wall, how to go around it, how to dig tunnels under it, and how to knock holes in it.  Experience will give him those tools.  So, does he have experience?  I don’t know–no one will tell me!

There’s more, which I will continue tomorrow…..

If the Obama campaign would like to contact me, feel free.  I have 1,000 readers a week in the state of Ohio–I’ll let my readers know what I find!