Saturday’s Savings!

I’m adding a Saturday’s Savings because I’ve found three great coupons or deals I want to share with you! 

Before I do, let me offer a hearty welcome to all my ladies over at!  We here at Truthinpolitics made the front page!  Woohooo!!

Okay, back to the deals. 

 First–Visit BabiesRUs for a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase, either online or instore.

Second–visit and register for their email alerts and they’ll send you a $5 gift card in the mail!

Third–print this coupon for $2 off Live Active Cheeses.  Most are between $2.50 and $2.75, so this makes for some pretty cheap cheese!

Fourth–Free tokens at Chuck E Cheese–go to and sign up for their coupon offers–include your kids birthdays.  You’ll get an email for 20 free tokens for each kid.  And I’m told, that if you close the email and click the link again, it will give you more of the same coupon….with new expiration dates!  Also, check out this link for 20 free valentine tokens.


Now, a repost of Friday’s Freebies:

A couple of small deals this week:

First, get a coupon for Free Flat Earth Chips .

Second, check out Meijer’s or Kroger’s for free Tostino’s Pizza Rolls.  They have them 10/$10 right now.  At there is a coupon for .55 off one package.  It doubles at those stores to $1—making the pizza rolls free!  Score one for the kiddos in your life!


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