Carville Vs Matalin

I love watching these two, even if they are more eye-candy than true substance.  (I do not mean eye-candy literally, I simply mean that they are now pundits more than true advisors.  They are fun to watch, but not really that involved in the “game.”)

They appeared recently in Orlando, and a blog there posted a transcript of some of their best comments.  Read on for some great lines!

Carville and Matlin talk politics at Builders Show

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Carville_matalin Fresh from Tuesday’s night “Potomac Primary” bi-partisan couple James Carville and Mary Matlin took shots at each other and talked politics in front of thousands of attendees at the International Builders Show. Both Carville and Matlin did try to reassure the crowd of the importance of the homebuilding industry.

Here are some of the best lines:

Matlin: “Politics is showbiz for ugly people.”

Matlin on Fred Thompson, whom she was advising.

“Fred Thompson’s  strategy was that the message will prevail, which assumes that you have a message delivery system. I really resented it when my husband came home and said my candidate was the only one who ever tested positive for Ambien.

Matlin, introducing her husband:

“He is probably Is going to say the Democrats can’t lose again. Of all the things I really do love about him is that he really is a great spinner.”

Carville, in his opening remarks to the homebuilders:

“Welcome all you Democrats, both of you.”

Carville, on supporters of President George W. Bush and the military:

“Those Bush people are fascinated with all their generals and we Clinton people are fascinated with all our privates.”

Carville, on the presidential election:

“What we are seeing is way beyond historical or transformational. The human mind cannot get around what is happening in politics.”

Carville on the three kinds of Republicans:

There are basically 3 republican parties: the GGG party — which is God, gays and guns. More god, more guns, less gays.

There there is the homebuilders people, who say don’t raise my taxes or regulate me, let me earn my living.

(the crowd cheers)

Carville: How’s that going?


Then you got the kind of McCain national defense Republican.”

Carville, on who could have been the Republican frontrunner.

“If Jeb Bush’s name was Jeb Smith you wouldn’t have any of of this. It would be over.”

On the chances of Hillary Clinton, the candidate he is advising:

“She’s behind. Make no mistake. If she lose either Texas or Ohio, this thing is done.”

Carville, offering good news for both Republicans and Democrats:

“For both you Democrats out there, I got good news for you. We have to literally talk our way out of wining this election.

For the Republicans, being a lifelong member of the Democratic party, I can assure you we are perfectly capable of doing that.”