Interesting Night Last Night

It was an interesting night last night, wasn’t it?

If you live in the land of tornados, (which was 1/3 of the country last night) it was interesting in more ways than one.  Myself, I could skip the drama at 1 am and be just fine.  Course, getting up for the storm meant I was up to see the California results….

So it appears that Romney is dead in the water.  Good.  Didn’t like the Ken-doll.  Seems that it will be McCain, with a side of Huckabee.  I like both of them, as much as I can like Republicans.  Both seem to be straight-shooters.  What you see is what you get.  Refreshing to have GOP candidates who aren’t talking out of both sides of their mouth!

On the Democrat side, the votes were tallied and Hillary and Obama both had great nights.  Hillary took home more states and more votes, but they’re still tallying the delegate counts.  And its the delegate count that matters.  For those of you who’ve never played their hand at presidential politics, the Democrat primaries aren’t winner takes all–Hillary may have won California, but she won’t get all of California’s delegates.  Delegates are allotted based on precints.  If precinct 12 has 5 delegates, and Obama wins precinct 12, he gets those 5 delegates.  But if precinct 27 has 30 delegates, and Hillary wins precinct 27, she gets 30 delegates.  So winning a state is not the same as winning the nomination.  And don’t forget the SuperDelegates, who can vote any which way they want to.

Confusing?  Oh, yes.

Looks like this race will be going for a few more weeks at least.  Hillary is still leading Obama, but not by much.  And neither McCain nor Hillary are anywhere near the number of delegates they need for the nomination.  Looks like a very interesting nomination process.  Yes indeed.  We may actually have conventions that MEAN something this year!