Today’s the Day!

First, let me apologize for the lack of posts last week.  Little Miss Know it All was in Guatemala, on a mission trip.  I took 9 days to tour the country and help plan what a local Mission Partnership can do to help the region hit hard by Hurricane Mitch a few years back.  I’ll post photos and stories in a few days.

So, Today’s Super Tuesday!  What do you think will happen?  We can easily see that McCain is running away with the race on the GOP side.  But what about Obama and Hillary?  As of this morning she has 60 more delegates than Obama.  Will today create a clear winner?  Or will they split the votes and even out the delegates in the balance?  I hope its the latter–I’d like to see the later states like KY, OH, IN and others have a large say in this election.  In past years we’ve been the nuts on the sundae–the extra, the filler.  I think its time to get some attention from the candidates…

I’ll be up tonight posting election results as they filter in.