The Suspense…the Drama…IOWA!!

The tension is building.  The nation waits with bated breath.  Everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats.  All to say….

Whew!  Is it over yet?!?

There is a lot of interest in what Iowa will do tomorrow.  Iowa, the small state in the United States where every resident knows most of these candidates personally.   Because each candidate has taken resident in their home.

This morning a news show demonstrated what Iowans have had to live with this year.  8 political ads every 30 minutes on tv.  9 mailers a day for candidates.  More phone calls from campaigns than family and friends.  To put it bluntly, Iowa is ready for it all to be over!

And so is the rest of the nation.  We all want to know–you, who know them best–what did you think?

And then lets get the longest Presidential race in history over with already!

Sheesh, I’m a political junkie and even I’m ready to have a nominee…

So tomorrow, tomorrow it all begins!