Friday’s Freebies!

First, for those of you who’ve been following the Nestle/Juicy Juice saga, here’s the latest news: Nestle has now posted on their website that they are not going to be honoring the counterfeit coupons. Here’s what happened: Juicy Juice had a promotion with Scholastic that had flyers and promotional materials for parents and teachers before a Parent-Teacher conference. In that pamphlet was a coupon for a Free Juicy Juice product, up to $3.50. They put the pamphlet in a pdf, and posted it on their website, where it was easily found through a web search. The opening page clearly displayed that there was a free coupon inside, and encouraged parents to download the pdf and print it out.

The problem came when we did. Lots of us. Hundreds of thousands of us did. And we redeemed the coupons. For a week after the pdf was found, Juicy Juice affirmed its legitimacy and encouraged us to use it. (See my previous post on Nestle fraud for emails from Juicy Juice.) Then, some enterprising savers decided to make it easier to print, by moving it to a 6 coupons per page format. Others posted the pdf on message boards. Neither was authorized by Juicy Juice or Nestle. Links to the Juicy Juice website were fine, but sharing, or altering the file, was not. Thousands of websites linked to Juicy Juice, legitimately, and those coupons printed directly from Juicy Juice are not fraudulent or counterfeit.

In the end, Juicy Juice has flown off the shelves. Hundreds of thousands of people have redeemed coupons for free juice. It was five days after Juicy Juice began confirming the validity of the coupon before they removed it from their website. On Wednesday, when you called Juicy Juice, their customer service agents were telling people that it was never on their website. That’s a lie. I have a screenshot and the google cache of it. It was on their site. That was just the beginning.

In the end, the original coupon is real, it is valid, and if Juicy Juice doesn’t honor it, they’ll have a few lawsuits from retailers to deal with. Of course, Nestle, Juicy Juice’s parent company, is used to lawsuits for fraudulent practices, so we’ll see if much comes of it. What Nestle is really doing is sabre rattling, in the hopes of scaring people from using the original coupon any further.


Now, on to Friday Freebies!

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Walgreens Spa Rebates. Buy any 2 Wyeth products (Advil, Centrum, Robitussin, etc) at Walgreens and get a $50 Spa Reward Certificate. Buy an 4 Wyeth products and get a $100 certificate. There are many rules to this promotion–it expires November 24th, and certificates must be used by March 1, 2008. The submission forms are in the Walgreens Easy Saver Catalog.

Now, to make this an excellent deal, look at these links for coupons on these products. And remember to always check if sample packs will work–if it says any size, or has no size specified on the coupon, that should work.

Wyeth Coupons ,

Wyeth Special Offers,

Dimetapp Coupons

Advil Coupon

3. Free Tacos November 6th! Taco Bell ran a promotion during the World Series. If a base was stolen, they’d give away free tacos. Between 2-5, visit your local Taco Bell and ask for your free taco. Its one per person. T

4. $ off a purchase coupons. CVS and Target continue to increase their coupons to draw customers into their stores. Its the start of the holiday shopping season, and the competition will be fierce. Take advantage of their offers to get some great deals!

CVS offers $4 off a $20 purchase
CVS sometimes carries both Polly Pockets and Juicy Juice, so a combination of those free coupons to a total of $20, means you can get something worth $4 for free. Or, pick up a CVS gift card for $5, pay the extra $1 OOP, and save that $5 gift card for your next visit. Rinse and Repeat, and you’ve got quite the deal! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Target offers several $5 off $25 opportunities. These can be stacked, meaning, in your $25 purchase there is pet food and groceries, you should be able to use all three. Here are some links I know about, all from a generator:

$5 off $25 pet purchase
$5 off $25 purchase

There are other coupons on the web for Target. Always check, at the bottom look at Supertarget/Groceries for coupons. There’s one for M&M’s that should be very nice with after Halloween clearance! Also, they are putting out their Toy Book on Sunday–watch it and their website for toy coupons. Last, the Pet section of their website also has coupons.

Last, there’s a deal this week at Target on Rold Gold pretzels. Clip the manufacturer coupon, add the Target coupon for Lays Products, and you’ve got FREE pretzels!