Carnival of the Liberals

Here ye, Here ye!  Gather one and all, for the Carnival is here!

Around the Know it All house, a junior Know it All is currently obsessed with road maps.  Oy, if I hear one more question about Interstate such and such and its crossings, I think junior will not make it to see tomorrow.  Or if he shows me one more satellite photo from Google Earth.  (Yes, junior Know it All has seen your house.  I don’t care who you are or where you live, I guarantee he’s memorized your back yard–by the way, are you ever going to weed that garden?)  So to honor my pain, here’s the Carnival of the Liberals, a tour of the Liberal world.

 Start first over in jolly old England, the place where true liberalism reigns.  Liberal England has a piece on Orwellian tatics using simple crime cameras.  From the Know it All’s recent travels to the home country, we can attest that speed cameras are ubiquitous, and they are EVIL!

 Once you’ve maneuvered through Gatwick, hop a flight over to a Commonwealth country, Canada, and read Tickle Me Bitter’s expose of Canadian strong arm tactics.

 While you’re in Canada, admire their health care system.  For all of its foibles, at least they have it.  More and more Americans are living without it.  Or should we say, they don’t pay for it, we do, through our taxes and their uncovered expenses.  But Dr Biobrain argues it much more coherently than I do.  Read his Freemarket Health Care for Dummies.  Make sure to read it all, taking time to revel in his description of the conservative mind.

From Canada, hop a train on down to North Carolina, where Screwy Hoolie exposes himself for the world to see.  Its a great story of what one common man can do to change the system.  Don’t forget to do a bit of hiking and enjoy those beautiful Smoky Mountains!

Hike on over to the Appalachian Trail, enjoy the scenery and imagine what the world would be like without such wonderful natural landscapes.  Think about our environmental impact, then read 21st Century Citizen’s piece on The New Values of the 21st Century Citizen.  What change can you make to express your values?

Our last stop is Iowa, home of the first Presidential Primary.  Check out Frozen Toothpaste’s How John McCain Would Lose the “War on Terror”.  Wrap up our liberal tour with Divided We Stand, United We Fall’s blog on presidential candidate Chris Dodd, affectionately titled The dude with white hair – A Dood Tube Surge .

That’s the end of the tour.  Thanks to everyone for their amazing submissions, and for your patience.