Carnival of the Liberals #36

Welcome, Welcome Carnival Goers!  Grab some cotton candy, some corn dogs and make sure not to miss the show over on the main stage! 

 What a wealth of submissions this time around!  Sorting through them, you made Little Miss Know it All feel very, very proud to be a Liberal.  Also, a little humbled.  You guys are excellent writers!  Coherent thoughts, well supported arguments…but I wouldn’t expect any less from COTL writers!

As I perused the submissions, one common theme seemed to emerge.  If it had a theme song, it would be sung by Bruce Springsteen–“War.  Uh!  What good is it?  Absolutely nothing!”  Come on, you know you want to sing along….

But for the best of the best, they seemed to pick up on those issues we all care about but often get overshadowed by the mess in Iraq.  So let’s start by heading over to Truthiness Truth Teller and read what she has to say about immigration past and present.   Then hop onto the Appalachian Trail and hike on over to Walking the Berkshires for an excellent discussion on the devastating effects of coal mining through Mountaintop Removal.  As a Kentuckian, I can tell you how heartbreaking it is to see these beauties brutally decimated–and even more heartbreaking to see what it does to local residents in the name of “jobs.” 

Halfway There has two great posts on The New Presidential Power  and Bush’s penchance for Recess Appointments.

Solomon’s House put words into action and protested Egypt’s slide into tyranny and theocracy.  Little Miss Know it All always loves it when someone actually does something about what they say is important to them. 

Next, head over to The Truffle to read the very serious post about When did the Laughter Die?  Okay, so maybe not life-changing, but I hope campaign advertisers and advisors read this one.  Nothing is more boring to voters than yet another soppy, my-guy-is-a-good-guy ad.  Make us laugh!  Vitriolics are so easy, try something a little harder please!

And over at A Blog Around the Clock  is a technical but excellent post on framing our arguments in Framing Science – the Dialogue of the Deaf.   The Greenbelt  had an excellent breakdown of the fallicy of using yes or no questions as political trickery.

But back to Bruce….and what Lefty doesn’t love a little Springsteen from time to time?

Perspectives from a Nomad  has a good post comparing lessons of Lebanon in 1983 to today’s mess in Iraq.  Head over and read his blog The Tipping Point in Iraq-Closer Than We Think?

Over at The Questionable Authority, Mike introduces the President to the Constitution.  Let’s hope it sticks.  And at Project Paradox Stephen points out the consequences of Bush’s Failure to Compromise on Iraq.

Whew!  What a load of smartie-pants!  That’s just the top ten of this Carnival.  There are loads more….try Mad Kane’s rhymes, or Dr Biobrain’s comparison of the media to the WWF, or Can’t Holder Tongue’s support for Natalie Maines and Free Speech.

Don’t forget, the next Carnival will be out on May 9th, over at BogsBlog.  There’s still plenty of room in the near future for hosts, so if you’ve got a blog, you think Liberal(ly) and you’d love to have some extra traffic, consider being a host. 

We thank you all very humbly for visiting us in our neck of the woods, and hey, don’t be a stranger!