Shame on You!

hohoho1.jpgLittle Miss Know it All has pulled out her bag of goodies, has opened her naughty and nice list, and is ready to hand out some lumps of coal in the first edition of the “Shame on You!” files.

First, Shame on Bill O’Reilly. I know there’s a million things I could be shaming him for, but I want to focus on the lost climbers on Mt. Hood. Recently, Mr. O’Reilly let loose one of his tirades on people climbing mountains, gasp, in the winter! I wonder if Mr. O’Reilly realizes that atop Mt. Hood, its always winter. He talked as if these were some sort of first time thrill seekers, as if they were there to base jump off the mountain, instead of the experienced, prepared climbers they were. These are real people, with real families and friends watching every word and development in the hope that the men will be found alive. They did everything they were supposed to do, they were fully prepared and trained, and search crews have said as much. Stop sensationalizing the tragedy others are experiencing. Oh wait, you’re on a 24 hour news channel. Sorry, I forgot its your job to make something out of nothing. Still, Shame on You!

Speaking of, lets open Shame On You file #2. To the national news media…Cut it Out! Quit creating a serious run for Hillary Clinton when we all know a snowball has a better chance in a very hot place than she does of ever winning the presidency. Sure, we dems really like her. But every conservative on the planet loves to hate her. The right wing nuts on the radio are salivating at the prospect of her running. But winning? Impossible. There’s no political re-invention team that can spin her into a nationally marketable product. She is who she is. A liberal, tried and true. And more damning, she’s Mrs. Bill Clinton. All the hype over her has been because the 24 hours news media needed something to talk about once Michael Jackson was no longer on trial and there were no kids falling into wells.

Last, to those who are rewriting the holidays, I say, Shame on You! I am so incredibly tired of the endless debate over “Merry Christmas” versus “Happy Holidays.” Who really cares? Its very rare to find anyone who truly savors Christmas for its true meaning anymore, we have let it become something crass and commercialized, so why do we really care if someone says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas?” Its not in the bible, its not something God demanded of us as believers. Do you really think that God’s that worried over word trivialities, when we’ve got child pornography, murder rates skyrocketing, marriages falling apart, and all kinds of other true horrors happening here? Here’s a radical thought–the next time someone wishes you “Happy Holidays,” instead of railing on them, bless them with a “Merry Christmas” and a smile. Do something nice for them. Show them Jesus, instead of lecturing them about him.

And on that note, its time to close up the bag of coal and wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and may God Bless You and your home this week!