A Listening Tour? Are they serious?

littlemissknowitalld.jpg Okay, the White House has just gone PR mad. Do they really think that a “Listening Tour” is going to help things?

And take it from one who was once a spinmeister–that’s all this is. The President’s whole life is nothing but a Listening tour. Every day, the best and the brightest (let’s pray they are, anyway) come up to the White House, or wherever Air Force One is parked for the day, and give the President his briefings. He’s supposed to be listening EVERY day! Then, he’s supposed to take his brilliant brain (we’ll debate that another day) and the collection of advice from the brilliant brains he’s surrounded himself with, and come up with a plan.

Just because we’ve had an election where his party lost badly (I know, its a gross understatement, but I’m being nice today,) his poll numbers are in the toilet, and there’s suddenly a rising operatic chorus of “He’s failing, He’s failing” doesn’t mean that you need to put on a show of listening, and then address the people to tell them something we already know! Instead of all the PR and posturing, here’s a fresh idea, just do something! This is the life of a President, you make life altering decisions every day. There’s no need to have giant conferences and pow-wow’s beforehand, and then announce every minute step to the public….just make a decision, and let us know. You’re going to do what you want anyway, that’s part and parcel of having the power of the presidency, so why the big show of getting all these opinions?